Young Justice Finds The DC Universe's Most Powerful Objects

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Since the relaunch of DC's Young Justice this January, the teen heroes have faced on wild adventure after another, from the fantasy kingdom of Gemworld to the upside-down alternate universe of the Crime Society. But now that the team has just been handed some of the most powerful items in the DC Universe, things are only going to get more exciting.

The discovery comes courtesy of Young Justice's new member Jinny Hex, the descendant of Jonah Hex, DC's premiere western hero since the seventies' Weird Western Tales. Jinny herself first appeared in January's Young Justice #1, arriving in Metropolis to see if Superman could hep her figure out what was in the chest she inherited from her ancestor. When the forces of Dark Opal invaded the city, she joined Robin and Impulse to fight them off, and ended up becoming a member of their new Young Justice lineup. And at long last, that original mystery has been solved.

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This latest issue of Young Justice--in which Tim Drake reveals his new hero name and costume--flashes back to the moment Jinny discovered the chest. Her mother revealed that it had been handed down through the family for generations, full of "stuff that was collected by your great-great grandfather over the years. Some of it he confiscated... and some of it he was given to protect." Her mother never opened it, but Jinny does... giving readers a good look at its unbelievable contents.

The most powerful and recognizable object contained inside is an unmistakable Mother Box. Introduced in Jack Kirby's The New Gods, Mother Boxes are supercomputers of almost limitless power. Perhaps their most high-profile appearance was in the Justice League movie, where three Mother Boxes hidden on Earth provided the catalyst for the plot. There's also two futuristic ray guns, in the same style as the space-traveling hero Adam Strange. Another powerful weapon is the green light belonging to Flashlight, a parallel universe Green Lantern who appeared in Multiversity and Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp's current run on The Green Lantern. The bell, jar, and wheel in the bottom left corner are the Green Bell of Uthool, the Silver Wheel of Nyorlath and the Red Jar of Calythos. As Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky revealed in Justice League of America in 1963, these three ancient artifacts date back to a prehistoric time when demons ruled the earth. When used together, they can summon the three most powerful of those demons, Abnegazar, Rath, and Ghast.

The blue belt belongs to another icon of the sixties, the size-changing superhero Atom. The rotary dial with the red button in its center is the H-Dial that Dave Wood and Jim Mooney created for Dial H for Hero. Anyone who uses it to spell out H-E-R-O will gain incredible, but unpredictable and frequently surreal, superpowers. The dial current appears in a new Dial H for Hero series by Sam Humphries and Joe Quinones. That book, like Young Justice, is part of DC's Wonder Comics imprint, which makes a future crossover all but inevitable given the new promise of this wealth of possible adventures

Young Justice #10 is available now from your local comic book shop.

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