Young Justice: The 15 Most Powerful Members Of The Team, Ranked

Aqualad Robin Kid Flash Artemis Miss Martian Superboy Rocket and Zatanna in Young Justice Episode Auld Acquaintance

Since it was announced last year that Young Justice was being renewed for a third season, there has been a massive spike in interest in the show. For the last few years, fans have been campaigning for the cult-hit to be renewed, and thanks to fan groups such as Young Justice needs a Season 3 and others on Facebook, this particular wish has been granted. And we couldn’t be more excited!

When the team first formed, it consisted of the sidekicks Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash. On their first unofficial mission, they located and recruited the captive Superboy. After unearthing the mystery of Cadmus Labs, these teen sidekicks believed they could do better work together and their time as sidekicks was at an end. Despite resistance from the Justice League, this team grew quickly and managed to strike many blows against major villains that had given their more mature counterparts great difficulty.

By the end of the second season, the team had saved the world from Mongul’s Warworld, as well as the final solution posed by The Reach. They had gone from three renegade sidekicks, to a force of twenty superheroes. But who among them is the greatest? Here are The 15 Most Powerful Members Of The Team, Ranked

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Nightwing Young Justice
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16 Nightwing/Robin

Nightwing Young Justice

Despite not having any superpowers, Robin was one of the founding members of The Team and went on to lead it during season 2, by which time he had adopted the identity of Nightwing. His intellect and fighting skills more than makeup for a lack of superpower as he routinely bests powered individuals in combat.

As Robin, Dick Grayson showed an incredible aptitude for hacking secure computer systems, often giving The Team a tactical advantage whilst on missions. He also used a combination of his gymnastic skills from his time as a circus performer, and martial arts skills from his time working with Batman, to become one of the fiercest warriors on The Team.

Considering his growth from impulsive youth in season 1 to a seasoned veteran by season 2’s end, it’s exciting to wonder what the future holds for his character. Would Warner Brothers be brave enough to take another five-year leap into the future and have Dick be the new Batman? Time will tell.

15 Lagoon Boy

Lagoon Boy Young Justice

Lagoon Boy was the protégé of Aquaman after Aqualad left on his clandestine mission to infiltrate The Light. Unlike Aqualad, he doesn’t resemble a regular human, but has an almost alien form, with numerous physical adaptations to support his amphibious nature. Per the Reach scientists who kidnapped him during season 2, his physiology isn’t the result of a meta-gene but Atlantean sorcery.

Like Aqualad, Lagoon Boy can generate bio-electric blasts which can resemble lightning. He does, however, possess a skill that seems to be unique. He can enlarge his upper body at will in a similar manner to that of a puffer fish. While this may be intended to make him more fearsome and intimidating to his foes, it also seems to boost his physical strength to impressive super-human levels too. How long he can remain in this enlarged, and far stronger, state remains to be seen.

By season 2, Lagoon Boy is only 17 years old and still studying mystic arts under Aquaman. It remains to be seen if his skills and strength will surpass his mentor’s.

14 Bumblebee

Bumblebee Young Justice

During Season 1, Karen Beecher was a student at Happy Harbour High where she was a cheerleader and girlfriend to Mal Duncan, the future Guardian. She isn’t seen often, but appears to grow close to Miss Martian’s alter-ego of Megan Morse during this time.

By season 2, she has become Bumblebee and has the powers to shrink to microscopic size, as well as fly via wings on her back and generate bio energy blasts. More useful for her focussed and tactical mind, Bumblebee often takes a leadership role in the absence of field leaders like Miss Martian.

During Mongul’s assault on Earth, The Team sneak aboard the Warworld in order to disable it from inside while the Justice League attack the outer hull and prevent Mongul’s assault from destroying Earth. It is here that Bumblebee uses her skills as a scientist in conjunction with her bio-electric blasts to disable the Warworld, sending feedback throughout the station and forcing the power of the station to be fed back into its commander, Mongul, allowing him to be taken down.

13 Static Shock

Static Shock Young Justice

Static was one of several young men and women who were experimented on by The Reach in order to learn about the mysterious Meta-Gene which gave many of Earth’s heroes their powers. These teen runaways broke off into their own group, but aided The Team when they were captured.

Static not only used his power to create lightning blasts, but also to levitate metallic items such as the metallic disks he used as a form of transport. A subtler use of his power allowed him to access simple mechanical devices such as vending machines and remote access them.

Given time, Static could become easily as powerful as Black Lightning, who offered to be his mentor during the final battle against The Reach. At the end of Season 2, with his own group more or less disbanded, Static joins The Team as their newest member. When Season 3 finally gets here, it will be interesting to see where his arc has taken him. He may be an established member of The Team, or his rebellious nature may have led him in a different direction entirely. He’s certainly one to watch out for when the show returns.

12 Arsenal

Arsenal Young Justice

The original Roy Harper was revealed to be in suspended animation during the Season 1 finale, after the character previously believed to be the “real Roy” was revealed to be a clone sleeper-agent working unconsciously for The Light.

When the “real Roy” awoke after being freed by Red Arrow and Cheshire, he discovered that he was missing his right arm. Knowing Lex Luthor had been part of the group who had kidnapped him, he sought revenge and raided one of Green Arrow’s weapon caches. Attacking Lex with rocket launchers and other weaponry he could use one-armed, Roy seemingly had the villain in a stand-off. Lex offered him a deal, his life in exchange for a mechanical arm outfitted with weaponry far more powerful than the cybernetic one used by his own bodyguard, Mercy.

Outfitted with this new arm, and taking the name Arsenal, Roy joined The Team but had a tough time taking orders. Despite this, he showed his potential when fighting Black Beetle as his laser-arm weapon was one of the only things capable of slowing down the seemingly-indestructible villain. It remains to be seen whether the arm has any further powers beyond energy blasts and grappling lines, but as he gets older and more experienced with its use he could well upgrade it becoming a true living-weapon.

11 10.Beast Boy

Beast Boy Young Justice

Garfield Logan grew up in the nation of Qurac alongside his mother, Marie Logan, on an animal reserve. During season 1 he meets members of The Team, including Miss Martian, whom he bonds with quickly. After becoming injured, Garfield requires a blood transfusion and Miss Martian attempts to use her shape-shifting powers to make her blood cells compatible with his. It works, and his life is saved, but it has the unforeseen side effect of giving him a prehensile tail, green eyes and skin, as well as the power to take the form of any animal he can think of.

After his mother passes away between Season 1 and 2, Garfield joins The Team becoming an unofficial “little brother” to Miss Martian. The two remain close, sharing a deeply close bond due to their shared grief.

Beast Boy is highly skilled in the use of his power despite his slightly immature nature. He can change his size along with his shape and can resemble a falcon for high speed flight, or an elephant when charging at enemies. The latter skill he uses when taking down multiple enemies at once. He also takes on the form of an ape when fighting against The Light, displaying a brutal fighting style while in this form.

10 Kid Flash

Impulse and Kid Flash in Young Justice Episode Bloodlines

One of the founding members of The Team, Wally West gained his powers by replicating the conditions that gave Barry Allen his super-speed. While not as fast as The Flash, and not sharing his phasing abilities or lightning throwing powers, Wally showed that he could use his speed for high-intensity fighting, holding his own against Vandal Savage in single combat.

By season 2, Wally has quit the team along with his girlfriend, Artemis. However, he does return as and when needed, especially to aid in the final battles with The Reach and The Light.

In the final battle of Season 2, Flash and Impulse are using their super-speed to create a funnel to dissipate the chrysalis energy created by The Reach’s weapon. The kinetic energy they produce isn’t enough and Wally races to their aid, using his super speed to save the world. It comes at great cost as his slower speed acts as a lightning-rod for the excess energy and his body appears to discorporate. Fans have speculated that he has entered the Speed-Force and may yet be proven to have survived. If this is proven to be true in Season 3, he could return faster than ever before.

9 Wonder Girl

Wonder Girl Young Justice

Little is revealed on the show regards Cassie’s life before joining the team, besides the fact she was raised by a single mother and her father was the Greek god, Zeus. Her divine heritage is the source of her powers, which resemble those of her mentor, Wonder Woman.

Despite Cassie’s tendency to become distracted in combat when she sees something cool, she is a total engine of destruction thanks to her enormous physical strength, her ability to fly, and her resistance to injury. Having trained with Wonder Woman, she is a skilled fighter and often seeks to fight foes more powerful than herself seemingly for the challenge. She is shown as being capable of lifting objects weighing several tons, but she also struggles to lift an unconscious Mongol, implying that her power levels may vary or that they may wane after a prolonged battle.

While Wonder Girl battles Lobo, Mongol, and Black Beetle, she is unable to defeat any of them single-handedly. But, considering her relative youth, she may yet be on a par with these villains, and her mentor, with more time and training. Considering her status as a daughter of Zeus, her strength may yet rival or even surpass that of Wonder Woman eventually.

8 Rocket

Rocket Young Justice

Raquel Ervin was the partner and protégé of the hero, Icon. She accompanied him to the Hall of Justice when he joined the League and was with The Team when they were called to action. She found herself comfortable with The Team after feeling cut adrift once Icon had joined the Justice League.

Rocket wears a belt of alien origin which gives her the dual powers of flight and forcefield generation. Her flight power makes her almost as fast as a jet in flight and she is exceptionally skilled at aerial combat. Her force-fields become stronger if kinetic energy is applied. When she used her energy field to imprison the Light-controlled Wonder Woman, the Greek goddess pounded on the construct which only made it stronger.

By Season 2, Rocket had graduated The Team and joined the Justice League. While her powers are technology-based, they will not grow as she matures, but she will undoubtedly grow more proficient in their use.

7 Aqualad

14 Things you need to know about Young Justice

Another founding member of The Team is Aqualad. Having previously been the apprentice to Aquaman and a student at Atlantis’ academy for sorcerers Aqualad was a highly-skilled young man before The Team formed.

As an Atlantean, Aqualad has the standard evolutionary advantages enjoyed by the members of his race. His skin is far denser than a human’s making him more resistant to injury. He is also immune to blowfish toxins. He has gills on his neck which give him the ability to breathe as easily underwater as on land. He also has slightly webbed hands and feet which aids in swimming. Besides these abilities, he also has a degree of skill in Atlantean Sorcery. He can control water and can generate water-based constructs for both offence and defence. He also has mystic tattoos from which he can generate bio-electric energy blasts.

By the end of Season 2, Aqualad has re-joined the team he helped found and is once again their leader. His combat skills and experience, along with his thoughtful approach mean that he will be a key player in the Team’s upcoming battles against The Light.

6 Zatanna

Zatanna Young Justice

The daughter of the gifted magician Zatara, Zatanna shares her father’s affinity for the mystic arts and by season 1 is already a gifted mystic. When Zatara is forced to don the Helmet of Fate, becoming the host for Doctor Fate, Zatanna finds herself officially joining The Team as she has nowhere else to call home. Overcoming her pain at essentially losing her father, she quickly became a valued member of The Team, bonding with Robin and sharing his slightly flirty nature as well as his habit of dropping prefixes.

Besides Zatanna’s skill with sorcery which allowed her to conjure mystical constructs and compel people to share secrets, she showed a great deal of intellect and tactical awareness which she used to defeat foes such as Harm.

By Season 2, Zatanna had joined the Justice League, but remained close with members of The Team. Her sorcery skills had improved greatly and she was instrumental in channeling the ancient magics which freed Blue Beetle from Reach control.

5 Impulse

Impulse Young Justice

Coming from a future timeline where The Reach were victorious, Impulse initially posed as a tourist. Eventually, his true mission was revealed after he saved The Flash from dying at the hands of Neutron, allowing The Flash to be present when his power was needed to save the world. He also helped to defeat The Reach himself, adding his speed to The Flash’s. As a descendant of The Flash, Impulse shares his powers and is equally fast. He is also able to phase through solid matter in the same way as The Flash.

Impulse appears to have no limitation to his power, unlike Kid Flash who only seemed to be about half as powerful as The Flash. Given time, he may be able to use the full range of Flash powers such as throwing lightning and time-travel. However, given that he defeated The Reach, it’s likely that if he could time travel to his future, it would be very different to the one he left.

4 Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes Young Justice

Initially believing his armor to be an invention of the previous Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, Jaime Reyes eventually learned that it was ancient battle armor built by the alien invaders, The Reach. During season 2, Blue Beetle shows that his armor has multiple offensive powers. He can generate a seemingly inexhaustible supply of metal staples which can pin opponents to walls and hold them in place. He can also generate highly powerful plasma blasts and sonic weapons capable of taking down incredibly powerful foes. His armor has an enhanced AI which provides tactical advice and can counter most foes powers as well as anticipate attacks before they happen.

While controlled by The Reach, Blue Beetle takes down the entire Team aboard the Warworld single-handedly within moments. After being freed, Jaime uses the power of his scarab armor to defeat Black Beetle, a bad guy who had been undefeated all season, despite fighting Mongol and The Team on several occasions.

Depending on where Season 3 finds our heroes, Blue Beetle may have unlocked even more powers in his alien armor and could well be one of the big guns in the Justice League.

3 Superboy

14 Things you need to know about Young Justice

The clone of Superman, with some of Lex Luthor’s human genes mixed in for good measure, Superboy was made by The Light as an ultimate living weapon. Due to his mixed heritage, he lacks Superman’s full powers but is superhumanly strong and durable, with enhanced senses, despite lacking his heat vision and ability to fly. He is seen lifting items weighing several tons as well as leaping several miles at a time due to the strength in his legs.

During Season 1, Superboy uses “shields” provided by Luthor which suppress Superboy’s human genes giving him full Kryptonian powers for a short time but have the side effect of making him angry(er). By Season 2, Superboy has stopped using shields and is content to have less power than Superman. However, given that he does have the genetic potential to access full-Kryptonian powers, he may yet find a way to maintain this power level without side-effects.

2 Miss Martian

Miss Martian Young Justic

Miss Martian is a white Martian and initially believed to be the niece of the Martian Manhunter. Like Martian Manhunter she has the powers of flight, size and shape shifting as well as incredible telepathic and telekinetic power. During season 1, it is revealed that Miss Martian’s telepathic powers far outshine Martian Manhunter’s own.

By season 2, Miss Martian’s powers have grown and she has developed the ability to phase through solid matter and grow gills and take on a mermaid-like appearance to survive underwater.

By far, Miss Martian’s greatest power is her telepathic ability. She oversteps at times and uses her power to wipe the minds of her foes or cause them extreme psychological harm, causing her relationship with Superboy to end.

Miss Martian can use her powers simultaneously. In combat, she can maintain a telepathic link with the team as well as become invisible and hurl large objects telekinetically. She is an overwhelming powerhouse and one very few of The Team’s enemies can counter.

1 Honourable Mentions: The Bat-Kids, Sphere and Wolf, Artemis and Red Arrow, Guardian

14 Things you need to know about Young Justice

While Nightwing has been mentioned, both Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) and another Robin (Tim Drake) are also members of The Team during season 2. Like Nightwing, both are protégés of Batman and have high levels of acrobatic and combat skill as well as keen minds and detective skills.

Red Arrow, the clone of Roy Harper, uses a bow with trick arrows in much the same way as Green Arrow and has a high-degree of fighting skill, albeit at a lower level than Batman as he learned when he tried to fight the mind-controlled caped crusader. Artemis, also a protégé of Green Arrow uses a similar skill-set, but has the added skills she learned under Sportsmaster’s tutelage.

Both Wolf and Sphere join The Team in an unofficial capacity, and both bond with Superboy becoming an ersatz family in the process. While neither communicate especially well, both are seemingly sentient and have a genuine desire to be a part of the team. Wolf’s size and super-strength make him a very powerful, if feral member of The Team.

Guardian, Mal Duncan, has no superpowers but was in the Hall of Justice during an alien attack. He took the Guardian Armour out of storage and used it along with his natural athleticism to help repel the attack and chose to become the new Guardian thereafter


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