Young Justice's Outsiders Are Out-Trending The Justice League

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The Outsiders are now bigger than the Justice League in terms of social media domination, according to Young Justice season 3, episode 18. The events of "Early Warning" reveal that Garfield "Beast Boy" Logan's plan to improve the public's perception of metahuman teenagers by starting an openly-operating team of teen superheroes has been far more successful than he had ever dreamed.

Beast Boy proposed his plan to the leadership of the Justice League one episode earlier in "First Impression." Beast Boy argued that the League was losing a public propaganda war with The Light (the supervillain union who have been profiting off the abduction and trafficking of metahuman teenagers for years) and that the best way to battle them was to humanize meta-teens in the public eye by presenting a team of teen heroes they could root for. Aquaman and Ms. Martian agreed to give Beast Boy's plan a try, and the new team's first battle with an apparent alien invasion was fought not long after in the small town of Brooklyn, Maine. This led to Beast Boy's first impromptu press conference with a trio of teen bloggers and the creation of a hashtag based around his assertion that his team couldn't play by the insider's rules because "... we are all outsiders."

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Young Justice: Outsiders episode 18 opens with a broadcast about the newly-dubbed Outsiders by celebrity news reporter Courtney Whitmore. The self-proclaimed "Stargirl" reports on the team's membership (which consists of publicly established heroes Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, Kid Flash and Geo-Force as well as Wonder Girl and Static) and how #WeAreAllOutsiders has been trending non-stop in the United States for nearly two weeks. This is an impressive start for the team's public relations campaign, but they are heroes first and foremost, and more concerned with reports of a meta-teen trafficking operation being run out of Santiago de Cuba than their trendsetter status.

Most of the action of "Early Warning" comes from the Outsiders battling with Klarion The Witch Boy - a Lord of Chaos and the magical heavy hitter of The Light. With the assistance of Zatanna, the Outsiders are able to neutralize Klarion and rescue a number of teenagers who had been kidnapped and had their metagenes forcibly activated by his magic. The battle is filmed by a Cuban soldier on his smartphone and, by the time the Outsiders return to STAR Labs Taos to drop off the rescued meta-teens, something amazing has happened.

Wendy "Windfall" Jones informs the Outsiders that Courtney Whitmore is doing another report on them and their latest adventure in Cuba. Thanks to the footage shot by the soldier, word of the Outsiders' heroism is spreading around the world, with #WeAreAllOutsiders now trending on a global level. This leads to Whitmore's bold declaration that "The Outsiders are bigger than the Justice League!"

An incredibly awkward silence follows, made all the more awkward by the presence of the Justice League co-chair Aquaman, who is clearly shocked by the bold announcement. Nobody is more stunned than Beast Boy, however, who looks like a deer caught in the headlights as it hits him that he's accidentally publicly set himself against the world's biggest superhero team. It remains to be seen if this will drive a permanent wedge between the Outsiders and the League in future episodes of Young Justice, but it certainly won't ease Aquaman's reservations regarding the new team.

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