Young Justice Joins the DCAU [Updated]

Young Justice features Superboy, Robin, Aqualad, Miss Martian, Kid Flash, and Artemis.

Good news for fans of the DC Animated Universe: Cartoon Network has announced it will be airing the newest title from Warner Bros. Animation, Young Justice. Comic readers will be familiar with most of the team's roster- Superboy, Robin, Kid Flash- though characters have been tweaked (Aqualad) or omitted (Wonder Girl).

As if the consistently outstanding quality of the DCAU titles wasn't reassuring enough, Greg Weisman is one of the producers. You may know Greg's work from The Spectacular Spider-Man or, oh yeah, creating Gargoyles.

Running for 55 issues, Young Justice was created by Todd DeZago and Todd Nauck, but was penned mostly by Peter David, writer of X-Factor, numerous Star Trek novels, Babylon 5, and more things than it would be practical to list here. At the moment, fan speculation seems to be most fervent over whether or not the series will be more serious, a la the Geoff Johns run, or manage to retain the more humorous tone of Peter David's team. I would put money on Young Justice being markedly more serious than Teen Titans, but DCAU series tend to be well balanced.

So far, the only casting news was a blog post by Stephanie Lemelin, saying she'd been cast as Arrowette, although the post was later removed from her site and Arrowette is not listed as being in the lineup at this juncture. Still, with an order for 26 episodes, fans are sure to see a bevy of young heroes from the DC Universe make appearances- maybe even Secret at some point.

So which teen crusaders are you hoping turn up? Should Young Justice run toward the humorous or follow in the footsteps of Justice League and Batman Beyond?

[UPDATE: A friend of Screen Rant working on the project has told me Young Justice will not follow any extent timelines or exist within the world of the DCAU, nor will it be part of the Brave and the Bold universe.]

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