Young Han Solo Movie Rumored to Include Jabba the Hutt

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A classic villain from the Star Wars is rumored to be causing trouble for everyone's favorite smuggler in next year's Han Solo. Disney and Lucasfilm faced a potential uphill battle when it came time to dive back into the saga with The Force Awakens. But even after its massive success, there was no guarantee the proposed spinoff films would fare as well. Since that time, Rogue One has come and gone, far exceeding anyone's expectations. With two hits in a row, fans became more comfortable with the other upcoming projects set to arrive in the coming years.

That all got thrown into confusion again with the recent high-profile firing of Lord and Miller from the movie. Over the past week, the story of what went wrong has slowly taken shape. Ultimately, the two creators had a difference of vision with Lucasfilm, leading to Ron Howard stepping in to finish the film. Four months into production, however, a good deal of footage has already been shot. The content is said to be mostly useable, and now we know it may feature a major plot point and character.

That Hashtag Show have heard from one of their trusted sources that Jabba the Hutt was a significant factor in the Han Solo script Lord and Miller were working on. They also reveal that his presence in the film is unlikely to change with the addition of Howard, indicating his role is crucial to the plot. The rumor also states the Jabba on screen will be part CGI, part animatronic, merging his forms from the original trilogy and the versions seen in the prequels and special editions.

Jabba the Hutt with a Rodian in Star Wars A New Hope

If the rumor proves true, it really won't be too surprising. When Han was introduced in A New Hope, he already had a history with the gangster. And given that the likes of Lando will also be in the movie, it makes sense for the other major shady figure from Han's past to show up.

Meanwhile, the news that Jabba will be at least partially practical will help assuage fans' worries that his poor visual execution in the prequels won't be repeated. The animatronic will give Jabba a more realistic feel for the audience and performers, while the CGI will likely be used to flesh him out, so to speak.

As for the director shake-up, it's really nothing new for Lucasfilm. The Star Wars franchise has long butted heads with directors, including on both of their recently released movies. In fact, Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi seems to be one of the only films in the series that has had a seamless production. Hopefully, the changing of the guard on Han Solo will be for the best and fans will get the movie they are hoping for.

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Source: That Hashtag Show

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