11The Premise

Edward Mulhare, David Hasselhoff and Patricia McPherson in Knight Rider.

Michael Arthur Long (David Hasselhoff) was an L.A. cop working undercover until shot in the face and left for dead in the desert. Wilton Knight (Richard Basehart), an eccentric billionaire and founder of Knight Industries, orders his doctors to save Michael's life. With a new

face and a new identity, Michael Knight becomes an operative working for the Foundation for Law and Government - an organization that targets criminals working above the law.

Michael is not alone in his quest. Devon Miles (Edward Mulhare) is his immediate superior in FLAG who sends him out on field missions. Dr. Bonnie Barstow (Patricia McPherson) is Michael's chief technician. Last but not least, Michael's new partner is KITT: an artificially-intelligent super car with a host of special features. Together, it and Michael would go on to fight evil for four seasons of Knight Rider.

David Hasselhoff as Michael Night and KITT in Knight Rider.
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