Talk Show Host Spoils Star Wars: The Last Jedi Live on TV

Warning, this article - as well as the included video - spoils a major plot development in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

During a live morning talk show in the U.K., a host casually dropped a huge spoiler for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, to the astonishment of John Boyega. With the latest chapter in Lucasfilm's space opera saga set to hit theaters tonight, the cast has been deployed to just about every show out there, as part of Disney's massive promotional push for the sequel. While one could argue that Star Wars doesn't even need promotion at this point, Disney and Lucasfilm obviously won't take any chances. In this case though, they're likely to have wished this particular show got skipped.

The big oops moment happened while Holly Willoughby - co-host of ITV's This Morning program - interviewed Last Jedi star John Boyega via satellite, and can be seen in the clip above. Out of nowhere, Willoughby reveals that Yoda returns in The Last Jedi, which had been a pretty closely guarded secret. While a curious Facebook post by lighting company Digital Sputnik seemed to hint at Yoda appearing in the film, that was by no means confirmation. At least not until anyone watching This Morning saw Willoughby's surprise announcement.

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As one might imagine, Boyega's reaction to Willoughby's comment seems to be a mix of shock and puzzlement. His eyes briefly grow wide, and then he quickly looks around as if to say "did she really just say that?" Being a professional, Boyega tries to recover the segment as best he can, but clearly has a hard time trying to figure out what he should say next. The clip above was posted by the account Daily TV Showbiz Hot News. Amusingly, the footage above has been omitted from the clip of the interview posted by This Morning's official Youtube account, presumably out of embarrassment.

On a side note, the clip from the Boyega interview posted on This Morning's account begins with Willoughby talking about how the hosts can't give away aspects of the story of Last Jedi, and how no one would thank them for it. While it's unclear if she said this before or after dropping the Yoda spoiler, if it was before, that would certainly add to the odd nature of the whole segment.

All kidding - and surprise spoilers - aside, Star Wars: The Last Jedi is still poised to make roughly all of the money in the galaxy this weekend. The Skywalker sequel is estimated to bring in over $400 million worldwide, and will likely run away with the title of highest grossing film to be released in 2017 when all is said and done. The force is strong with this film.

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Source: Daily TV Showbiz Hot News

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