Ever since audiences first a got a taste of cinematic provocateur Kevin Smith’s Tusk back in 2014, many in the moviegoing community the world over have been left in a state of bewilderment at what the former indie darling has up his sleeves next in the making of what he is calling the True North trilogy. Comprising three films set against the wintry landscape of Canada, Smith’s new feature franchise consists of three interrelated narratives that each work within the thematic confines of the horror/comedy sub-genre.

After releasing Tusk as the first film in the True North cycle to what was an overall less than enthusiastic response, the next film in the trilogy, Yoga Hosers, is already gearing up for what appears to be a teen-comedy in keeping with the larger horror elements of the film that immediately preceded it. Viewers might remember an initial sneak peek clip from the new film released a few months back, but now Smith’s fans and detractors alike can take a look at the first full-length trailer.

In the footage featured above, Smith is no doubt behind the scenes in the making of another mad-cap horror/comedy adventure, only this time around it will be his daughter Harley Quinn Smith co-starring in the film with featured cameo actor Johnny Depp’s daughter, Lily-Rose Depp. After appearing in Tusk as two less than enthusiastic convenience store clerks, Smith and Depp are back in Yoga Hosers to fight a horde of Canadian Nazis made of sentient bratwurst (played by Smith himself, no less) and aid in an ongoing investigation led by none other than Guy Lapointe (Johnny Depp) from Tusk.

Yoga Hosers Still Yoga Hosers Trailer: Kevin Smiths Bizarre Superhero Movie

Anyone who isn’t already fully onboard with the bizarre humor on display in Tusk is unlikely to find Kevin Smith’s follow-up much more palatable, as Yoga Hosers looks to be an even more irreverent and belabored vanity project from the prolific filmmaker and popular podcaster. Longtime fans of Smith’s initial Jersey Trilogy of films set in the interconnected View Askewniverse will probably notice several instances of the filmmaker borrowing from his own past successes. However, his new movie doesn’t hold much promise of being a successor to the likes of the critically well-regarded Clerks by any stretch of the imagination.

Defending Kevin Smith from his attackers has become something of a daunting task with each successive motion picture that the once admired independent comedy filmmaker sees fit to make, with Yoga Hosers being another potentially divisive entry in Smith’s larger oeuvre. Red State at first glance appeared to show the signs of a career writer/director entering into another stage of his creative outpouring in 2011, but his True North trilogy has not quiet been able to reach audiences yet in the same way that his initial batch of the movies did back in the mid-1990s.

Either way, here’s to hoping that Kevin Smith surprises die-hard View Askewniverse fans and determined naysayers alike when Yoga Hosers sees theatrical release later this July.

Yoga Hosers will see theatrical release in the U.S. on July 29th, 2016.

Source: Invincible Pictures

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