Yet More 'Real' Actors Join Roland Emmerich's 2012

Danny Glover, Thandie Newton and Oliver Platt are in negotiations to join the cast of Roland Emmerich's forthcoming disaster movie 2012. They will join the already solid line up of John Cusack and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Glover is in negotiations to play the president, Newton would play his daughter and Platt's agents are hammering out a deal so that their client will play the president's chief of staff.

The president and the chief of staff - hmmmm I've never seen these characters in a disaster movie before.

I'd also bet good money that Newton will play Cusack's love interest.

Roland Emmerich's films come under a lot of fire, but I think that he's a solid "popcorn" director, and I really enjoyed The Patriot. Mad Mel with a tomahawk - sweet!

I also like Danny Glover, but I have to admit I don't think that I've seen him in a movie since The Royal Tenenbaums, and I'm shocked to realize that it's now seven years old! Crazy.

Platt is solid support and Newton is an okay actress, so this is shaping up to look like a decent film.

The $200 million budgeted epic is set to go before lenses this July to meet a July, 10 2009 release date.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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