Yet More Actors Cast In Wolverine!

I really hope that X-Men Origins: Wolverine is four hours long.

In fact, I hope that Gavin Hood leaves the film and that Kevin Costner takes over directing duties. Only then will it make sense to have so many characters crammed into one film.

Dominic Monaghan, Daniel Henney and Kevin Durand have now joined the cast of Marvel's newest superhero extravaganza.

According to Variety :

"Monaghan will play Barnell, a mysterious character from Wolverine's past who has the ability to manipulate energy and electricity. Henney will portray Agent Zero, a member of the Weapon X program and an expert tracker with lethal marksman skills."

Meanwhile, Film School Rejects has a scoop that states Durand will play The Blob. Apparently the actor has already been “live-scanned” and he will be heading to Canada to shoot scenes next week.

The three actors join the rest of the Screen Actors Guild in this spin-off from the X-Men trilogy.

I don't mean to sound sarcastic... well, yes, I do - but I don't want to be. I had high hopes for this film and it seems like it's just going to be filled with characters from the Marvel universe, leaving little room for Wolverine.

I hope that David Benioff's script justifies these characters, and that we aren't left with another Marvel film like Daredevil.

Maybe all of these castings can be justified - I know nothing about Marvel comics (I was always a DC man) and I went into the original X-Men film with low expectations in 2000 and it blew my mind. Since then I've been an avid fan of the film franchise and Hugh Jackman (one of the few good leading men under 50 in Hollywood).

I just hope this turns out well.

We will find out if Wolverine cuts the mustard on May 1st, 2009.

Sources: Variety and Film School Rejects

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