Yet Another X-Files Movie Call Sheet: BIG Spoiler Here If True!

It's another week so that means it's time for yet another leaked X-Files call sheet.

I've written before about how skeptical I am that these things are being leaked on such a regular basis. Are they being leaked on purpose? Or are they an attempt to throw us off the scent? Knowing Chris Carter, it could easily be either.

However if they are the real deal, then we are getting some interesting information. Although I'd love to get a look at the script, I feel that I've already had a glance through it because of the amount of scene descriptions that I've read.

The lovely folks at X-Files News have some new pictures of the aforementioned call sheets and as always, if these are accurate they contain some spoilers. One of them is very big, as it involves something very significant that happens to one of the main characters.

So be warned!


Last chance!


It seems that there are more shenanigans out in the snowy countryside. We discover that Amanda Peet's character Whitney ends up falling down an elevator shaft (how very "soap opera") and that scenes take place in a "donor" office. What sort of "donor" office?

Hmmm... interesting.

Now, this could all be total hogwash - planted material that means nothing whatsoever. However if it is real, then we could now have discovered how a main character dies. Now that's what I call a spoiler!

That's it for now, but I have to tell you I'm quite proud of myself.

I could have made a crude reference to a shaft and Amanda Peet that could have gained this news item ten times more hits than it will probably get, but I'm not that sort of guy!

X-Files 2 is released on July 25, 2008

Source: X-Files News

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