• Yesterday doesn't just feature Beatles songs, it also includes Easter eggs and references to the legendary band. 1 / 11

    Himesh Patel from Yesterday
  • There are Beatles songs Jack doesn't sing but are mentioned in dialogue, as well as all those he writes on post-it notes on his wall. 2 / 11

    Jack performing in Yesterday
  • Much of Jack's wardrobe once he becomes famous appears to copy the fashion of the Beatles. 3 / 11

    Jack in Yesterday
  • The joke that Oasis doesn't exist is the film's best joke, but also a callback to the influence The Beatles had on Oasis (as well as their feud). 4 / 11

  • And at one point, a photo of Jack is an exact recreation of a photo of Paul McCartney. 5 / 11

    Paul McCartney with camera
  • The two album titles that Jack has rejected by the record label are Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Band and the White Album. 6 / 11

    Himesh Patel on Yesterday poster
  • During a dream sequence, Paul & Ringo (sort of) make a cameo appearance on The Late Late Show. 7 / 11

    The Beatles walking across Abbey Road
  • Jack travels to Liverpool and visits the sites that inspired Strawberry Fields Forever, Penny Lane, and Eleanor Rigby. 8 / 11

    Himesh Patel in Yesterday
  • Jack also performs a rooftop concert, while others have a Yellow Submarine figure and wear Sgt. Pepper uniforms. 9 / 11

    Jack on the rooftop in Yesterday
  • Lastly, Jack's unexpected visit to John Lennon is similar to a visit Lennon once received from a troubled Vietnam veteran. 10 / 11

    John Lennon Vertical
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