Yes, We KNOW Jake Gyllenhaal Is The Prince Of Persia

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The "Trades" as they're called (Variety, Hollywood Reporter,etc) have announced today something that you've known was probable for over a month if you're a regular Screen Rant reader.

Jake Gyllenhaal will play the Prince of Persia in Jerry Bruckheimers upcoming film of the same name.

Latino Review first broke the story that Jake was being pursued for the role back on April 8th of this year. Did any of the mainstream media outlets give them any credit?

Hell no.

There's been a lot of discussion regarding the lack of acknowledgment of what's come to be called "the new media" by what some are calling the "dinosaur media" via email this past weekend between a bunch of the heaviest hitters in the online movie news world. I felt honored to be included in that discussion.

Collider first brought this up last week in a post on their site and it's been picked up by Latino Review and now Moviehole as well. I guess I'm throwing my hat in the ring now, too.

The issue is not only the utter lack of recognition when a movie news site breaks a story ahead of one of the big ones and then THEY publish it as if it's the first that's been heard about said story - there have also been cases where the originating site's content has been grabbed and re-published almost verbatim, again with no mention of the originating site.

Now I'll admit that's not much of an issue here at Screen Rant... we're more about dissecting the news and telling you what you should think about it (JUST kidding!) than we are about snagging scoops. But we're standing with our brothers in a sign of solidarity and just what's plain right.

Well, hell... THAT certainly went off track, didn't it? But it's something that needs to be dragged out into the light of day.

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