Yes, Screen Rant Is STILL Here...

Man oh man... First, let me say I deeply apologize for the site being down for over 24 hours! What a nightmare the last day has been.

Update: I know one of the rules of blogging is that you're not supposed to apologize for a lack of posts, but I will anyway. My email is still down and my brain is fried from too little sleep so I don't know how coherent any new posts from me would be anyway. Hang in there with me, folks!

The hard drive of the server on which Screen Rant is hosted died. It died so badly that they couldn't recover the data from it, although they spent hours trying. So they had to do a restore from backups and due to the number of websites on the server it took a REALLY long time to get the site back up.

Despite the server crash and the amount of downtime, I am EXTREMELY grateful to the crew over at HostNine for being able to restore the website right up to where it was when it crashed. There are still some email issues being worked out so if you've emailed me in the past day and a half or so and you either had a bounce message or I just haven't replied, now you know why.

Thanks for your patience and please spread the word that lives! :-)

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