Kevin Costner & Sicario Writer's Yellowstone Series Gets a Trailer

Paramount Network debuts a new teaser for Kevin Costner and Sicario writer Taylor Sheridan's neo-Western series Yellowstone. Last May, Costner was announced to headline the cast of Yellowstone, the first scripted series ordered by Paramount Network. Spike TV officially changed its name to Paramount Network in January, with several scripted series in the works.

Yellowstone stars Costner as the patriarch of the Duttons, a family that runs the biggest ranch in Montana. Despite their massive holdings, the Duttons are just holding on as forces conspire against them on all sides. The government wants their land, as do greedy developers. In order to defend what's theirs, the Duttons will go to any lengths, including violence. Wes Bentley, Kelly Reilly, Luke Grimes and Cole Hauser also star.

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The newly-minted Paramount Network has released a teaser trailer for Yellowstone. Not surprisingly, the vibe feels very much in keeping with Taylor Sheridan's previous Western-derived works Hell or High Water and Wind River. Kevin Costner seems very much in his element as the raspy-voiced John Dutton, a hard-nosed rancher who only cares about surviving one more season. See the clip above.

Kevin Costner in Yellowstone

Yellowstone scribe Taylor Sheridan's writing often deals with characters who straddle different worlds, and find themselves coming into conflict with the powers that be. That was very much the case in Hell or High Water, Sheridan and director David Mackenzie's Oscar-nominated movie about brothers resorting to criminal acts in order to save their family's ranch. Like Hell or High Water, Yellowstone concerns family ties and deep roots. Moral gray area also concerns Sheridan in Yellowstone, as it does in all his other movies. "All men are bad, but some of us try real hard to be good," Gil Birmingham's character intones in the teaser. Which could just about sum up every story Sheridan has ever told.

If Kevin Costner looks particularly at home in Yellowstone, he should. The actor made his first Western way back in 1985 with Silverado, returning to the genre multiple times since. His most memorable foray to the frontier of course came in 1990 with his Oscar-winning epic Dances With Wolves. Costner later starred as famed Western figure Wyatt Earp in the movie of the same name. In 1997, he made basically a post-apocalyptic Western with the box office bomb The Postman. Costner made a much more traditional Western in 2003's Open Range. Costner now teaming up with Taylor Sheridan, the master of the neo-Western, seems like a perfect match.

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Yellowstone premieres on Paramount Network in June, 2018.

Source: Paramount Network

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