Yas Queen: 10 Greatest Episodes Of Netflix's Queer Eye (According To IMDb)

Netflix's hit a home run when they made the decision to bring Queer Eye back for a modern audience. And with a brand-new Fab Five the show has become one of Netflix's most popular, growing a dedicated fanbase who loves to see the makeovers they provide for the person in question.

The show is not just informative, providing great tips on fashion, diet, grooming, beauty, design and mental health, but it is also incredibly entertaining, funny, and overwhelmingly emotional.

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Queer Eye might have only been around since 2018, but it is already on its fifth season with the show venturing to Japan for some special episodes. And within this article, we will take a look at the 10 best episodes, according to IMDb.

10 You Can't Fix Ugly (8.8)

The first episode not only introduces people to the Fab Five for the first time, but it also provides one of the most emotional episodes. The lonely truck driver, Tom, referring to himself when saying "you can't fix ugly" was a heartbreaking moment.

The transformation that takes place in this episode is simply unbelievable, as he is helped to reverse years of poor habits to bring out his incredible personality and big heart.

9 A Decent Proposal (8.8)

This season-two episode helps William Mahnken transform his appearance and confidence, but they also go ahead and help him plan his proposal as well. While it might not seem it to some people, that is a huge vote of confidence he gave the group, and it did create a magical moment for the show.

Though this episode might not be as emotional as some of the others on this list, it is very uplifting and shows how just a small boost of confidence can go a long way.

8 Without Further Ado (8.9)

For the first time in the history of the show, the person being transformed actually knows a member of the Fab Five. This episode deep-dives into that relationship.

In this episode, the group visit Jonathan Van Ness' old school to make over his high school music teacher who is incredibly selfless and has had a tremendous impact on countless lives, despite having the same hairstyle and wardrobe for over 30 years.

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This is a special episode. It really takes a look into Jonathan's life and the fact he had to deal with bullying and other issues when he was younger. Understandably, it's a very emotional episode.

7 Elrod & Sons (9)

In 'Elrod & Sons', Rob Elrod is stuck trying to get over the unfortunate passing of his wife, while looking after his children at the same time.

The pressures of having to become both mother and father had clearly become too much for him as he began to let himself and his household go. And due to the reasoning behind it, the Fab Five quickly put their skills to work to change his life.

This particular episode shows the impact that the Fab Five can have. Bobby Berk makes an incredible tribute to his wife by using her own handwriting for part of his design.

6 Black Girl Magic (9.2)

This episode focused on Jess, who is a young black lesbian struggling to cope with her identity at the start of the show.

Right from the start, this episode packs an emotional punch when it is revealed that Jess had been thrown out of her house by her adoptive parents due to her sexuality.

Jess is left living on the floor on a mattress in a shared apartment, and the moment when she is reunited with her biological sister provides a touching moment as well.

5 God Bless Gay (9.2)

This episode places a real focus on the designer of the show, Bobby Berk, as he deals with issues from his past in relation to religion and his coming out.

Bobby, at first, refuses to enter the church and is within two minds as to whether or not he should even do the episode. Yet when he finds out about Tammye, who is suffering similar problems to him, some powerful conversations take place.

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While Tammye's mother has started to accept his sexuality, others have many questions. This all highlights the shows major strength, which is tackling issues.

4 To Gay Or Not Too Gay (9.3)

This is one of the most-talked-about episodes in the history of Queer Eye as the Fab Five meet AJ Brown, who is not openly gay to everyone. This episode actually features the moment where he tells his stepmother.

The group helps AJ really embrace who he is, and allows him to come out confidently and in style. This episode pulls at heartstrings as the Fab Five helps AJ with not pretending to be something he really isn't.

The group all recounts the unique moments they decided to come out and how difficult that was. Ultimately, a very powerful episode.

3 One Golden Kenny (9.3)

The Queer Eye team helps Kenny, a man who is quite clearly very lonely. He is very open and honest with the group as he embraces them from the start, obviously enjoying the company.

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Throughout the episode, it is revealed his best friend, his dog, had recently passed away. And to tackle that issue, the Fab Five take him to adopt a new dog. This winds up being one of the most moving moments in the history of the show. Good luck not weeping your way through this one!

2 Disabled But Not Really (9.4)

If you want an example of how well Queer Eye tackles culturally relevant issues, then 'Disabled But Not Really' is the perfect episode. This episode highlights the importance of Karamo Brown's role within the group.

Wesley Hamilton, who was shot in a gang-related incident, actually meets with the man who shot him, thanks to Karamo's help.

While that was the main reason for the episode being incredibly powerful, the transformation the group do for him is amazing. They totally changed his house so that it is more accessible for him. Meanwhile, Tan France provides a new outfit that is tailored so that it doesn't get caught up in his wheelchair.

1 Jones Bar-B-Q (9.5)

The highest-rated episode of Queer Eye comes from the third season. 'Jones Bar-B-Q' focuses on the Jones' sisters, two incredibly hard-working women who own one of the best BBQ joints in all of America. Unfortunately, they work so much that they end up neglecting themselves.

Bobby Berk transforms their kitchen space; this provides a little more space for the Joneses. In the meantime, the rest of the team goes out of their way to give these two women a fabulous makeover.

The reason this episode is ranked so highly is mainly down to the bubbly personalities of the sisters themselves, as they are so overwhelmingly happy and upbeat in spite of their circumstances.

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