Yahoo! Movies Copies Screen Rant?

Have you been over to the Yahoo! Movies site recently? I go there from time to time, and when I visited today to check out something regarding the upcoming Die Hard movie (I was looking for confirmation on the whole PG-13 vs R rating thing) I was shocked to see a color scheme very similar to mine here at Screen Rant.

Check out for yourself here on their Die Hard 4.0 page.

I don't know, maybe it's a coincidence. :-) If anything, I take it as a compliment or at the very least validation that my site design doesn't totally stink. :-)

I know this is far more interesting to me than to you, but I thought I'd share it anyway... I still want to tweak the look a bit more and I'm getting to the point where I'll have to bring someone in to do the work since I'm at the limit of my web design skills. :-)

If you know anyone who'd be willing to do it for cheap or even just for a link at the bottom of the page and has some prior designs I can see, I'd appreciate it if you'd drop me a line.

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