26 Mistakes Fans Missed In The Most Popular YA Movies

The Young adult genre took off in full steam by the mid-2000s. It was first boomed into popularity thanks To Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s release in 2001, but that film was still considered to be more of a children’s film than an all-out Young adult venture at the time. Once the Harry Potter movies began maturing, the genre became more interesting, and so, several other Young adult series came into fruition on the big screen.

Twilight's release in 2008 truly began the Young adult fandom. With Harry Potter already going strong too, Divergent, The Hunger Games, Eragon, and The Maze Runner joined the fray. All these films were successful to varying degrees and these were all so much in our faces that the concept of the Young adult film was firmly established.

Now, the genre seems to have faded away with people having mostly moved on to other genres. While we were all crazy about these young adult films, we generally didn’t put too much consideration to the flaws that should have been staring us in the face. Some of these are gaps in logic, while others are mainly filmmaking mistakes. We’re not saying these mistakes ruin the films entirely or they should have been easily noticed, but if you were such a huge fan then all those repeated viewings could have led you to spot these mistakes.

Regardless, we’re here to guide you through the mistakes found in the most popular Young adult movies released. Once you’ve read through, be sure to go check them out yourself.

Here are 26 Mistakes Fans Missed In The Most Popular YA Movies.

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26 Cameraman In Duel Club

During the dueling scene between Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy in Chamber of Secrets, the two boys try out a bunch of spells to beat each other. Among all this furor you’d be bound to miss a lot of what was going on around the surroundings, causing you to not have your eye on a mistake right in front.

After Malfoy takes a tumble from Harry’s spell, the onlookers in the crowd has a man dressed like the other students but inconspicuously with a camera in his hands.

25 Sudden Change In Seating Arrangements

Hogwarts students throwing their hats up in the Great Hall

After Harry is sorted into Gryffindor in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, he jumps into a seat of his new house. At this time, Harry is seen taking a seat across Ron’s brother Percy, something we may not have caught on as the scene had focused on Harry and Dumbledore exchanging a glance.

The next scene, though, showed Harry seated right next to Percy as he asked him who Snape was. There’s no explanation why Harry would get up from his original spot and walk around the table to sit next to Percy.

24 Thresh's Demise

Thresh in The Hunger Games

In the novels, it was implied Cato took Thresh’s life (which also seems rather unlikely). However, the films deviated this by having Thresh’s scream run the night as he was mauled by mutts.

This discrepancy was considered canon in the film’s version and accepted, but then this was also contradicted in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 where Katniss states Cato took Thresh’s life. So has Katniss been reading the novels, too, and confused between both continuities? It seems even the writers weren’t sure which version they went with.

23 Grindelwald's (Non-Canon) Betrayal

The Harry Potter films opted for sensationalism over novel continuity many times in the later movies, but this was really just a huge mistake on the director’s part. In Deathly Hallows – Part 1, Voldemort visits Grindelwald’s cell and demands to know where the Elder Wand is. The old man not only tells him the location, but cackles at the prospect that Dumbledore’s grave will be desecrated.

This was nothing like the novel where Grindelwald defied Voldemort with no fear and gave his life trying to protect the Elder Wand’s secret.

22 Edward's Inconsistent Sparkling

A goofy aspect of Edward’s character in Twilight, or for that matter all Vampire’s, was the fact that he glowed in the sunlight. He displayed this to Bella to prove his status as a Vampire to her, something she found very beautiful (it’s slightly less weird in context).

After this has been established about Vampires, Edward and co. are seen a bunch of times in the sunlight during the next four films’ events and the sparkling aspect isn’t adhered to. So does the sparkling have an on and off switch?

21 Ron's Sudden Hair Change

When Harry and Ron first meet each other on the train in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, they both engage in a long conversation about witches and wizards. Ron is also awestruck at Harry and asks him about his scar.

If you take good notice, you’ll see Ron had a parted hairstyle when he asked Harry to show him the scar on his forehead. The next second, after Ron is amazed at the scar, his hairstyle changes entirely to a cleanly swept aside one.

20 Divergent Universe's Water

In Divergent, Tris is one of the many kids given the choice to go for the faction of their choosing. In order to choose Erudite, one needed to cut themselves slightly and drop their blood into the bowl before them. When Tris’ turn came, the Erudite bowl was shown.

Despite other teenagers already having chosen Erudite, the water remains clear as ever. This may have been dystopian Chicago, but blood still should make the water go red, shouldn’t it?

19 Four's Receding Knife Count

Theo James as Four in Divergent

When Four’s characterization is being set as a badass, a scene plays out where Tris lines up in front of him and Four throws a knife in her direction. Before he begins, there is one knife (the one he flings at her) in his right hand, while he has three more in his left.

Four’s first shot narrowly misses Tris, and the next moment you see his other hand completely devoid of any spare knives. So where did the extra three knives go?

18 The Miraculous Black Eye Healing

Shailene Woodly as Tris in The Divergent Series: Insurgent

After Tris’ fight with Peter, she is shown to be recovering from the effects. As she lays on the bed, Tris’ wounds are shown, of which the most noticeable is the black eye she suffered at the hands of Peter. In this scene, she’s also pretty weak from what she went through.

Forward over to a couple scenes later in the market and not only is Tris feeling better, but she also has no black eye whatsoever! It doesn’t even look like she had been in a fight.

17 Hermione's Hair Changes

Hermione Wrong Goody Two Shoes

Hermione isn’t really interested in flying broomsticks and it shows in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’s flying lesson. However, the only explanation in-universe for this mistake would be that she just couldn’t be bothered at all.

Her hair is shown to be braided and in knots when she stands with her arm outstretched to call the broom towards herself. In the very next shot, Hermione’s hair is completely knot-free. Clearly, filming took a bit of a break between shots but how do you explain this in-universe?

16 Tris' Quick Healing

The curious case of Tris’ healing continues and in this instance, it is even more instantaneous than the previous one. After Four throws the knife in her direction, Tris suffers a cut on her ear. It is significant enough that the wound is opened and begins bleeding.

In the very next scene, though, Tris meets Janine and there is no trace of any knife grazing her ear. There is no blood, no scar, nothing to show the previous scene with Four ever happened.

15 Dudley's Change Of Clothes

The first scene in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was changed from Harry bullying Dudley to the latter bullying Harry in the film. Not only did this change, but so did Dudley’s shorts.

When we first see Dudley, he’s wearing the pair as shown in the above picture. After Harry and Big D are attacked by dementors, Dudley magically has shorts with a different design. Maybe filmmakers thought the second pair looked more fetching? Or maybe Dudley is secretly a shorts-changing wizard.

14 The Bomb-Immune House

At the end of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, District 12 was revealed to have been bombed to the ground by the Capitol in retaliation of the rebellion that Katniss inadvertently began. The city was said to be no more, and obviously, no one could live there.

But then right at the beginning of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, Katniss is shown to be visiting District 12. It’s bombed, sure, but the house she resided in still stood firm. It even appeared to be capable of being renovated.

13 Peeta's Sudden Talent

It doesn’t matter how awesome you are at decorating cakes, but when it comes to camouflage it’s a whole different playing field. Peeta was shown to be talented in camouflaging during the training period before the Hunger Games began, and he utilized this talent in the arena too; making himself appear like part of the environment.

However, there’s a flaw in logic here in that there’s no way Peeta could ever have fixed himself up that way considering his injury and the fact that he didn’t have the proper tools to do so.

12 Katniss' Flip-Flopping Hair

Like Katniss’ personality, her hair seems to have a fiery mind of its own. During the interview scene with Caesar Flickerman, Katniss’ hair demonstrates how it can speak for itself as it is seen flip-flopping between styles.

While she speaks to Caesar, her hair goes from falling to the side of her cheek to cleanly being tucked behind her ear. Too bad that the very same scene was going on when her hair fixed itself up for the obvious space between takes to be covered up.

11 Katniss' Unlimited Ammo

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in The Hunger Games

This is simultaneously a mistake and a conscious decision by the filmmakers. It’s also your fault for not picking this up because it should be obvious. Katniss’ immense talent at archery isn’t as amazing as the fact that she seems to have been blessed with unlimited ammo.

We usually see her shooting one arrow after another without worrying much about running out of them. In the Mockingjay films, this is even more evident as she battles through; shooting legions of arrows. No wonder she won the tournament.

10 Harry's Shirt Warp

Harry thought he had been transported to the Ministry when he saw Mr. Weasley being attacked by Nagini, and while that wasn’t the case, he certainly seems to have teleportation powers when it comes to changing shirts.

While Harry was having the ‘nightmare’ involving Mr. Weasley, he’s seen wearing his most favorite shirt (the one he wears in all installments); but when he’s standing in Dumbledore’s office, Harry suddenly has on a different V-Neck shirt. There’s no way he changed his shirt while in such distress.

9 The Dursleys' House 'Renovation'

Uncle Vernon’s house seems to have gotten the rub from Harry’s powers. In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the patio area shot of the house showed a window next to a brick wall adjacent to the walkway leading into the dining area.

When Marge blew up and flew to parts unknown, the outdoor area was shown again, only this time the window is located on the brick wall rather than next to it. Absurdly, now there even seemed to be a whole seating area there too where it wasn’t before.

8 Jacob's Tattoos

Taylor Lautner as Jacob and Kristen Stewart as Bella in The Twilight Saga Eclipse

Our boy Jacob likes to take his short off for pretty much any reason. You want to make a friendly visit to him, and he’ll be there to greet you with open arms and his bare chest. During one of his bare-chested indulgences, Jacob was approached by Bella, and we were shown the tattoo on Jacob’s shoulder.

In a later scene, our friend Jacob is shirtless again but this time the tattoo doesn’t feel like being where it was and can be seen on his upper arm instead!

7 Four's Changing Tattoos

Theo James as Four in Divergent

Not one to be upstaged by a werewolf, good ole Four steps in with his own tattoo mishap in Divergent. Here, Four’s tattoo on his neck can be seen clearly by the audience. Pretty much like Jacob, Four’s tattoo decided to haul itself from its original location and instead was placed higher above his neck.

We understand it’s not easy painting on these fake tattoos, but a helpful suggestion to the artists would be to keep a picture of an earlier shot in handy and then pain the tattoo the next time around.

6 Wormtail's Confused Hands

Wormtail got a bit of an upgrade in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire after the fingerless hand of his was slashed off to provide for Voldemort’s new body. Before he could do so, Wormtail fumbled around once more as usual as he placed Voldemort’s wand in the left side of his coat, only to retrieve the wand from the right pocket when Voldemort’s back with his body.

Apparently, the wand can apparate from one pocket to another. Perhaps the director was already too confused over which hand Wormtail was supposed to slice off.

5 The Sudden Magic In The Hunger Games

Hunger Games Mockingjay Pt. 2 - Sewer Mutt Scene

There was no magic in the Hunger Games universe, although the extreme convenience of technology shown in the series could very well make things magical in a way.

For instance, in Mockingjay – Part 2, Katniss and the group are attacked out of nowhere by the enhanced mutts from the Hunger Games arena. Except there’s the fact that the mutts seemed random, considering that the events weren’t happening in an arena, where the Capitol could have manipulated the environment. The filmmakers forgot this little detail.

4 George's Magical Writing

Fred and George Weasley Goblet of Fire

Pictures might move and letters might scream in the Harry Potter universe, but there’s no magical writing that can shorten a sentence from what was originally written. In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, George passes a note to Harry and Ron to tell them to get a move on with finding dates.

There are clearly four sentences written on the parchment, only for there to be three sentences shown in the close up when Harry reads the contents of the paper. Where did the fourth sentence go?

3 Sirius' Famous Nickname

Via: Pottermore

In the film version of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, it was never mentioned who the Marauders of the Map were supposed to be. Sirius wasn’t identified as Padfoot either, so if you only watched the films without reading the novels you’d never know that.

However, in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry tips Snape off by saying “(Voldemort’s) got Padfoot”. Later, the Aurors shows up in the Ministry because of Snape, but if you never read the novels, you’d have been scratching your head over this cryptic clue.

2 Katniss' Televised Hallucination

After Katniss gets stung in the arena in The Hunger Games, she hallucinates speaking to Caesar Flickerman, who narrates certain happenings to her. This was meant to show Katniss’ delusions over all that was going on.

The problem with this, however, is that Caesar’s words are exactly what he had said in an earlier TV broadcast – something which Katniss did not listen to. So how did Katniss know what Caesar said on TV? The director probably approached this with the audience’s mindset rather than the character’s.

1 No Canon For Rue And Marvel

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss and Amandla Stenberg as Rue in the Hunger Games

Katniss’ mural for Rue after the latter’s demise was touching and all that, but it seems even the arena officials were too distracted to stick to the rules. Both Marvel and Rue perished around the same time and after Katniss’ tribute, her departure should have resumed normal service. But there was no cannon sound for either Marvel or Rue’s demises.

According to the rules, every death requires a cannon blast, then why was it ignored in this instance? Looks like the director was too overcome with emotion here as well.


Did you notice any of these mistakes? Let us know in the comments!

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