10 Couples That Hurt YA Movies (And 10 That Saved Them)

The Young Adult genre has produced some classic films that have stood the test of time. Mostly adapted from novels, these films provide the opportunity to see some favorite characters come to life. A fan's excitement over seeing their favorite novels on the big screen can be very overwhelming -- especially for a teenager.

After waiting so long to see a novel imagined into a film, spending time analyzing it is perfectly normal. For the Young Adult genre in particular, spending time reviewing how the love story impacted the audience is extremely common. The romance in a film can either make or break how the audience feels about, particularly when they are so familiar with the source material. These romantic relationships can make a film so much better, or they can almost ruin it.

When a relationship makes a film better, it makes the audience believe in love. After all, that is why audiences go to see romantic films. By creating a relationship authentic enough to make a viewer fall in love along with the characters, the film has succeeded. On the other hand, a relationship which feels inauthentic or bores the audience is not helping anyone during the film, and the movie would have been better off without it.

Sometimes a poor relationship is necessary to help a character realize they should be with someone else, but that doesn't change the fact that it was bad for the audience!

Here are 10 Couples That Hurt Young Adult Movies (And 10 That Saved Them).

20 Hurt: Bella and Edward - Twilight Saga

In the late 2000s, it was difficult to find a YA fan who was not either Team Edward or Team Jacob. However, after growing up and spending time looking at the film again, it is difficult to reason why anyone would be Team Edward.

It is evident to most adults that Edward Cullen and Bella Swan were not a good example of a healthy relationship.

To put it lightly, Edward is one of the most obsessive boyfriends in film history. Bella should have run from Edward, not too him. Not only is he obsessive, but his mood swings make him almost unbearable to be around. Talk about depressing! Listening to him complain and sulk for much of the series was painful.

While Jacob Black is not exactly a picture-perfect boyfriend either, Bella should have held out for someone else.

19 Saved: Hazel and Augustus - The Fault in our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars Movie

In quite possibly the most tragic tale of YA love, The Fault in Our Stars makes everyone feel lucky for the love they have in their lives because it is impossible to know when it will be taken away. The relationship between Hazel and Gus is both believable and powerful, yet also incredibly tragic.

Audiences know that both Hazel and Gus are physically ill, so there is an expectation that things may end badly. However, the love story between the two teenagers is so enthralling that it is easy to forget that fact. B

y the time the film is over, audiences were left weeping at the thought of losing their loved ones. Despite the fact that the characters are fictional, their love story is so believable that it makes their tragedy all the more upsetting to watch.

18 Hurt: Katniss and Gale - The Hunger Games

A common theme from this list so far is that when there is a love triangle, one of the potential suitors is clearly not a good match. In The Hunger Games series, there are two well-rounded matches for Katniss to choose from. Well, at least until the final chapter of the series.

On paper, Gale Hawthorne is a great match for Kaniss - he is a childhood friend, understands her completely. It also doesn't hurt that he is played by Liam Hemsworth.

Unfortunately, instead of maintaining his relationship with Katniss, Gale ended up destroying it.

By being the person responsible for the bomb which took her sister's life, he effectively ruined his chances of being with Katniss. By taking a potentially great relationship and destroying it with his own stupidity, he added very little to the series.

17 Saved: Ron/Hermione - Harry Potter

Despite the Wizarding World crumbling around them, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger were able to find love.

Fans of Harry Potter are able to watch Ron and Hermione grow up on the big screen.

They are also able see their romantic relationship develop over time. Out of all the young adult films on this list, the Potter franchise is the longest running one. Perhaps that is what makes it so satisfying to see the two friends finally embrace their feelings for one another. Especially because the audience has been watching them blossom since The Goblet of Fire!

Thankfully, this is one Harry Potter relationship which helped make the films more enjoyable. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for all the relationships in the Harry Potter universe.

16 Hurt: Louisa and Patrick - Me Before You

When the competition is quite possibly the cutest couple in YA movie history, every other couple is going to pale in comparison.

Though he's introduced as Louisa's boyfriend, it is evident from the beginning of Me Before You that Patrick is not the one for her. The two of them have very little in common. Patrick enjoys running while Louisa appreciates fashion, so everyone struggles to find a reason why they are together.

Having to watch the two of them together for most of the film is painful at best as they are complete opposites.

Thankfully Louisa finds her true love with Will, and it is even better that she ends her relationship with someone who just doesn't understand her.

15 Saved: Simon and Bram - Love, Simon

Spending an entire movie watching someone search for love can be frustrating, but witnessing them find it is very satisfying.

Simon's search for "Blue" is very stressful to watch as he continuously comes up short in finding his identity. Viewers follow Simon as he deals with numerous false endings, and are waiting with baited breath alongside him. Thankfully, he finally locates "Blue" so they can begin their relationship after an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Simon's unrelenting faith in finding love makes Love Simon's romance a great representation of what a relationship can be.

With this film being the first YA romcom to focus on a gay relationship, it does a commendable job in presenting Simon and "Blue" in a terrific light.

14 Hurt: Harry and Ginny - Harry Potter

Harry Potte Ginny Weasley

With Harry Potter's ultimate goal of dismantling Lord Voldemort's plan being the focus of the films, that should be his main focus. It hurts the overall pace when Harry is made to focus on a romantic relationship instead of his mission. While it makes sense that Harry would begin looking for love during his adolescence, he should have waited. At least until after he took down the most dangerous dark wizard of his time.

Not only does the pace of the film suffer, but Ginny's personality in the films is seriously lacking compared to her book counterpart.

In the books, Ginny is fiery and opinionated -- that is why Harry falls for her. In the films, Ginny is emotionless and quiet. She's not the girl Harry fell in love with.

13 Saved: Tris and Four - Divergent

Shailene Woodley and Theo James in Allegiant

The best kind of relationship is where things are equal between both people. YA series sometimes has a tendency to provide linear descriptions of characters in regards to what they offer in a relationship, which unfortunately usually means female characters' roles are severely downplayed. Thankfully, the Divergent Series throws that out the window.

What makes Tris and Four so great together is that they both participate in their relationship equally. While participating in Dauntless Training, they are both able to help each other when they discover their Divergent status. Furthermore, they both save each other's lives throughout the series multiple times.

Tris and Four need each other to survive. If at any point they were separated from each other, one of them would have likely perished very early on into the series.

12 Hurt: Mary-Beth and Charlie - The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Perks of Being a Wallflower's main romance is the perpetual crush that Charlie has on his friend Sam. However, due to many factors, we never get to experience what a relationship between them would be like. Instead, Charlie begins to explore relationships with another character - Mary-Beth. Unfortunately for Charlie, this relationship is certainly not what he needs at the time.

It is clear that Charlie does not have feelings for Mary-Beth, and only begins a relationship with her because he feels it is what he should be doing.

Given Charlie's emotional state, he should not have entered this relationship as it did more harm than good.

Charlie's feelings for Sam cloud his time with Mary-Beth, and he ends up ruining their relationship. At the same time, Mary-Beth is not entirely in-tune with Charlie's emotional needs during their relationship.

11 Saved: R and Julie - Warm Bodies

Nicholas Hoult and Theresa Palmer in Warm Bodies

When a story is as outlandish as Warm Bodies, there certainly needs to be a grounded love story in order to make things work. While most love stories do not include an zombie, this one works much better than most would believe.

In a post-apocalyptic world taken over by zombies, the audience finally gets to see things from a zombie's perspective. Seeing the world through R's lens provides insight into what zombies see, hear and more importantly in to what they feel.

It turns out that R is incredibly lonely until he meets Julie, a human. Through their rush of emotions, R begins to revert back to being human, and eventually fully sheds his life as a zombie. No science fiction has ever explored this before, making R and Julie trail-blazers for zombies.

Perhaps The Walking Dead should take note of Warm Bodies. Instead of shooting zombies they should try to love them!

10 Hurt: Kyle and Lindy - Beastly

When a film is weak reinterpretation of one the most famous Disney tales of all time, it will likely not live up to any one's expectations.

Beastly is a re-telling of Beauty and the Beast starring Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens. Disney's version of the fairy tale is one of the most beloved classics, and recreating that emotional connection would be difficult for any film to achieve. It seems that Pettyfer and Hudgens were certainly not the ones to accomplish this, as their love affair did not meet fans' expectations.

This film has maintained only a 20% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, thanks mainly in part to the poor relationship between the two characters.

To be honest, it never really stood a chance.

9 Saved: Tibby and Brian - Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

In a film packed full of new YA relationships, it is difficult to stand out. Between whirlwind Greece romances and soccer-love there is much to compete with in Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. However, there is one thing that separates Tibby and Brian from the others - authenticity.

While all of the romantic relationships in the film are cute, the reality of Tibby and Brian sets them apart. Both people are very relatable characters whom the audience roots for. The realism that Tibby's moodiness and Brian's awkwardness provides is very settling for the audience, making them very enjoyable to watch.

According to some of the cast a third film is on the way, which means we would hopefully get to see more of this video-gaming couple.

8 Hurt: Quentin and Margo - Paper Towns

Cara Delevingne and Nat Wolff in Paper Towns

When a character falls for another, it can be for many different reasons. Sometimes the attraction is physical and others emotional, but things often work out the best when it is both. In the case of Paper Towns, Quentin's attraction to Margo Roth Spielgelman is a little bit different.

Quentin seems more infatuated with the idea of what Margo represents than who she actually is.

Throughout the film, Quentin is much more interested in how care-free Margo is instead of actually loving her. Quentin is a very neurotic person who needs some relaxation, which is perhaps why he is so infatuated with what she represents. Unfortunately, this made for a very uninteresting relationship that fell very flat.

7 Saved: Mia and Nicholas - Princess Diaries 2

On the route to becoming Queen of Genova, Mia Thermopolis became a beacon of hope for awkward girls everywhere. Despite being socially awkward, Mia was thrust into the royal life, and also found love.

In the second film of The Princess Diaries series, Mia is bound to find a husband in order to obtain her Queen status and becomes smitten with Nicholas Devereaux. The only problem is that he is vying for the throne as well!

Thankfully, despite some hiccups these two realize that they have real feelings for each other. While Nicholas was initially part of a scheme to steal the crown, he eventually falls for Mia. Knowing that the two of them found love and overcame the odds is very a satisfying way to end the film.

6 Hurt: Thomas and Teresa - The Maze Runner

Relationships between young adults make perfect sense when their stories take place in high school, but when they take place in another universe it poses different questions. In the case of The Maze Runner, would anyone be thinking about a relationship in a post-apocalyptic world?

When Thomas and Teresa meet each other in The Glades, they are in the midst of waking up from comas.

The romantic aspect of their bond is just unnecessary.

It's eventually revealed that they were best friends who shared an affection for one another, but Teresa has betrayed Thomas and his friends She believes she is doing the right thing, but so does Thomas.

5 Saved: Katniss and Peeta - Hunger Games

While Peeta Mellark is not the typical YA suitor, one thing is for sure - he treats Katniss wonderfully. Better yet, he treats her much better than Gale.

Peeta may not be as physically imposing as Gale, but he makes up for it in heart. Throughout The Hunger Games, Peeta goes out of his way to support Katniss, even when it is dangerous.

The two grow so close together that not only does a romantic relationship develop, but also a partnership.

Katniss and Peeta trust each other implicitly, which is not easy to come by in a game where young adults are pitted against each other.

In the end, Peeta is the one who makes Katniss happy, and that is what truly matters.

4 Hurt: Amy and Bumper - Pitch Perfect

The Pitch Perfect franchise was a surprise hit which spawned the breakout character Amy, played by Rebel Wilson. Unfortunately, the films ended up jumping the shark in Pitch Perfect 2 when Amy was placed into a romantic relationship with Adam DeVine's Bumper.

While placing two popular characters in a relationship may seem like a good idea, it ended up hurting the film.

After spending so much time hating each other, it did not make sense for them to get together.

Separately, Amy and Bumper are very funny characters in the films. However, placing them in a relationship seemed forced together instead of natural. The hope would be that it would make fans enjoy the pairing, but it turned them against the relationships instead.

3 Saved: Craig and Noelle - It’s Kind of a Funny Story

While not the most well-known entry on this list, It's Kind of a Funny Story has a great message. It teaches viewers to be happy with who they are and to not change for anyone. It also sends the message that love can find you even in the most unlikely places. In this case, it is a psychiatric ward.

Craig voluntarily enters a psychiatric ward, and while the stay does not cure his condition, he winds up finding much more. During his stay, he meets Noelle and the two of them begin a relationship under very unlikely circumstances.

Without Noelle's free spirit and understanding, Craig would have had a hard time come to terms with his illness. By forming a bond with Noelle, Craig also helps her trust others despite being hurt in the past.

2 Hurt: Clary and Jace - The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

This relationship between Shadowhunters was missing one very important thing in the film adaptation - chemistry.

While the Mortal Instruments does not have the fandom of other young adult series, which is one of the reasons its sequels ended up on the cancelled list. The other reason circled around the lack of chemistry from the two lead love interests. Despite being played by Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower, who dated in real life, the relationship between Clary and Jace was lukewarm at best, and was not strong enough to drive the film series.

In order to be a relationship that carries a film series, there needs to be passion and fire.

This relationship barely had enough heat to toast bread.

1 Saved: Gardner and Tulsa - The Space Between Us

The Space Between Us Tulsa and Gardner

If love is able to stretch to another planet, it must be incredibly strong.

The Space Between Us' protagonist Gardner is the first person to be born on Mars, but he grows up longing to see Earth. Not only just to see the planet, but also to meet a girl he's been online chatting with. Gardner and Tulsa develop a strong connection without even meeting each other in person.

Even in the face of the craziest circumstances, Gardner and Tulsa have an incredibly strong and believable relationship. Whether they are together on Earth or on Mars, they help better each other.

While no humans are not currently living on Mars, it is good to know that one day inter-planet dating will be a possibility!


Don't see your favorite (or least favorite) couple on the list? Let us know in the comments!

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