20Ian Somerhalder As Sirius Black - Harry Potter

Sirius Black is one of the most beloved heroes in fiction, a wrongly-accused and handsome, if arrogant, wizard who came from money and spent over a decade of his life in Azkaban prison.

Fans expected someone pretty easy on the eyes to portray Sirius, even if he should have been gaunt

and haunted-looking from his stint in the Wizarding prison, and while Gary Oldman isn't too shabby, he definitely isn't the startlingly-handsome man that was Sirius. Oldman was also too old.

Artist archiburning has re-imagined the role of Sirius Black with an Ian Somerhalder casting and it's definitely aesthetically pleasing. Granted, it's a new version of young-Sirius rather than Oldman's look, but we're pretty sure a bit of digital manipulation could age Mr. Smolder-holder, too.

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