17Natalie Dormer As Pansy Parkinson - Harry Potter

Dormer's trademark half-smirk is perfect for Parkinson.

In the Harry Potter films, Pansy Parkinson was played by two actresses: Genevieve Gaunt, no relation to Marvolo (or, if there is, perhaps a bit of nepotism in Slytherin?), and Scarlett Byrne.

Both actresses lent fine scowls, whines and double-crossing gestures to the productions splendidly, but we have to admit that

when we saw artist yourcherrylips re-cast Natalie Dormer as Pansy, we couldn't resist.

Her cool glare gives the character a much more nuanced personality. Plus, she had to deal with King Joffrey, so we're pretty sure she could handle Draco Malfoy.

While we're pretty sure Pansy never has anything on Hermione, a Dormer Pansy might actually be able to hold her own.

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