19Amandla Stenberg As Lyra - The Golden Compass

Dakota Blue Richards was expected to launch into a huge movie career after her impish yet clever portrayal of Lyra Belaqua in the film adaptation of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials saga, The Golden Compass. While the young star's portrayal was an enjoyable one, the movie ultimately flopped, and her career

took a small-screen turn.

Replacing the actress with Amandla Stenberg, as artist askthealethiometer has done here, not only gives it a much more diverse lead, something that any story can use more of, but it also brings a little more star power to Lyra's role.

Stenberg also has a gifted array of expressions and a quiet energy that would lend Lyra a more cunning, slightly less confrontational personality, making her seem a bit more like the leader she's meant to be in the movie.

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