Production Woes For 'Y: The Last Man' Movie

Y: The Last Man Movie

Should the adaptation of Y: The Last Man be a trilogy or a solo movie? That's the dividing question delaying production on the film adaptation. Director D.J. Caruso has been attached to the project for a few years now but now he and New Line are having some issues agreeing on how to structure the movie(s).

New Line wants to take the critically acclaimed and highly successful Vertigo comic series by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra and make it into one condensed movie, but Caruso  deems it necessary to spread the story across three movies since it is a 60-issue series.

MTV had a chance to speak with Caruso on the set of his latest flick, I Am Number Four, where they discussed the status of Y: The Last Man movie and the director explained the problematic development of the project.

"We've taken about four cracks at the screenplay... It's been a really tough one, only because there's so much that you cover and trying to narrow it down [is a problem]... My problem that I have with New Line [is], they're good people, but I felt you had to make this film as a trilogy... [I felt] that you really had to deal with books one through four on their own. And I think there was a different philosophy there. They really wanted to cover a lot more ground [in one film], which I didn't think would make for a great movie. I thought you'd be cramming too much into one movie."

Back in 2008 when Caruso became attached to direct Y: The Last Man and when the comic book series was finishing its run, it seemed likely that Shia LaBeouf would star as they had just worked together on Eagle Eye and Disturbia. You could almost say that LaBeouf was a living incarnation of Yorick Brown, the protagonist of the series, so it made sense in a way. Fortunately, Shia shared the same thoughts we all did in that the character was way too similar to his previous roles, notably the character of Sam Witwicky who he plays in the Transformers trilogy.

He didn't completely write himself out of the project however, as a few weeks later he showed a renewed interest in Y:The Last Man but only if he was working with Caruso. Fast forward nearly a year and it was reported that Louis Leterrier was interested in the project but now Caruso is still "loosely attached" by his own words and says he may get back to it when he's done filming his current movie.

"Maybe when I get back [from shooting 'I Am Number Four'] we'll try to get back into it. I really do love that project, so I hope we can make something work out. That's been the problem. I think we've all felt the same frustration about it."

After reading the series myself, I'm on Caruso's side in saying Y: The Last Man is a longer story than what could fit into a single film. There are a lot of good characters and important story arcs that develop the importance of the characters and journey they go on that couldn't be served justice in one movie.

For those unfamiliar with the story, Y: The Last Man follows the epic journey of Yorick Brown and his pet monkey, Ampersand, as the only two known mammals possessing a Y chromosome left on earth as they travel through the new and chaotic world looking for answers and a long lost love.

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Source: MTV

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