Y: The Last Man Comic Book TV Series In the Works At FX

Y: The Last Man becoming an FX TV series

Comic book-based television shows are certainly in fashion right now on broadcast networks (Arrow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and so forth), but they're also starting to increase in number on cable networks too. AMC currently has two TV series - The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead - either inspired by or based on comic books, and shall soon add another, in the form of Preacher. Meanwhile, HBO has begun to explore the possibility of a Watchmen TV series - and Cinemax will be bringing Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman's Outcast comic book series to the small screen sometime in 2016.

Y: The Last Man may be the next comic book property headed to the world of cable television, as FX is now reported to be working on a TV series based on Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra's critically-acclaimed dystopian comics. A Y: The Last Man film adaptation was rumored for years, but failed to get off the ground before the rights reverted back to Vaughan and Guerrra, back in 2014.

THR is reporting that Color Force producers Nina Jacobson (The Hunger Games) and Brad Simpson (World War Z) - who are also collaborating on the upcoming FX anthology series American Crime Story - are working alongside Vaughan to bring Y: The Last Man to television. Currently, the Y: The Last Man TV series has neither a director/show-runner nor a writing collaborator for Vaughan, but the search is actively underway to fill both positions. Presumably, should the show be ordered by FX, Vaughan would serve in a creative capacity similar to Kirkman on the TV adaptations of his own comic book literature.

Y: The Last Man was published from 2002-08 and takes place in a world where all mammals that have a Y chromosome suddenly die - save for amateur escape artist Yorick Brown and his Capuchin monkey, Ampersand, whose adventures together provide the basis for the comic book series' narrative. Many a fan has long felt that York's story might be best told in TV form - a sentiment that even onetime Y: The Last Man movie director Dan Trachtenberg agrees with - so it might be for the best that said planned big screen version of the project failed to ever get off the ground.

Y: The Last Man comic becoming TV show

Dystopian and/or post-apocalyptic fare is more commonplace in film right now than TV (with exceptions like The CW's The 100), so there is certainly room for Y: The Last Man to carve out its own niche following in the competitive world of TV entertainment. FX is a network that has found success in providing material that encompasses a range of genres and tones, going from quirky crime tale Fargo to the gritty period drama The Bastard Executioner, and the campy horror show American Horror Story - so Y: The Last Man would provide FX TV with yet another unique flavor to add to its collection.

Calling FX its home should also afford Y: The Last Man the opportunity to explore more mature subject matter than it might've done otherwise, either as a (presumably) PG-13 movie or as a TV series on a broadcast network. Marvel Studios has found success by crafting more adult-oriented TV series with its Netflix partnership (Daredevil, the upcoming Jessica Jones), further helping to pave the way for comic properties that examine taboo subject matter - like Preacher and Sex Criminals - to make their way to the small screen, too. Y: The Last Man might as well join in and ride that same wave.

We'll bring you more information on the Y: The Last Man TV series when we have it.

Source: THR

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