The X-Men Were Just Beaten in The Most DISTURBING Way

The murder of Charles Xavier is the biggest twist in the X-Men's reboot so far. But the way his enemies found him is even more disturbing.

X-Force Reavers in Marvel Comics

Warning: SPOILERS for X-Force #2

With Marvel's mutants gathered in one impenetrable island nation, it seemed they had never been safer. The death of Charles Xavier changed all that, but now that the assassins' secret has been revealed, fans of X-Force can forgive the heroes for their mistake... since they never would have believed their enemies would use such a twisted strategy.

Whether or not the master of resurrection and cloning means Xavier's death doesn't matter all that much, the impact of the attack is undeniable. Being named a sovereign nation by the UN, a strike team was deployed to drop into Krakoa from high altitude, and ended up murdering 33 mutants, with Xavier their presumed target. But readers and the mutants themselves were all asking the same thing: how could this have happened? The follow-up issue of X-Force #2 gives answers, confirming Xavier was unknowingly implanted with a tracker. But the question of how the killers were read as friendly is where the line of decency is truly crossed.

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While performing autopsies on all of the killers and Xavier, the mutant Sage confirms that the weapons and gear collected from the attackers bears some resemblance to past versions of the Reavers. Presumably they were hired by the same people who injected Xavier with a tracking device, which means a daily EMP blast is added to Krakoa's security routine to negate such tracking devices. But the main question is the same: why were these assassins identified as Domino by Krakoa's genetic defenses and alert system? The answer is worse than any fan expected.

X-Force Domino Reaver Mystery Explained

As readers will recall, the first issue of X-Force opened with domino attempting to infiltrate enemies of Krakoa, only to be found out, outnumbered, and defeated. She went missing for days afterwards, unheard from until the group of Reavers began their drop, clustered closely enough to read as one person, and read by Krakoa as Domino making a delayed return. But as Sage has realized, those white stripes on the Reavers isn't body paint at all...

When Black Tom first alerted me to a possible breach, I dismissed it. Because the island identified the arriving party as Domino. And in a way, Krakoa was right. It's her. Part of her anyway. They grafted her skin onto their own.

Yes, the colorless skin of Domino was removed to supply grafts to the artificially enhanced soldiers, in order to carry out their covert mission. The issue concludes with Wolverine and Kid Omega discovering what remains of Domino, so expect things to get more ferocious in the coming fight between humans and mutants, if one of their own is being tortured and dissected.

X-Force #2 is available now from your local comic book shop.

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