X-Men: 22 Strangest Things About Storm's Body

X-Men Days of Future Past Trailer Storm - Halle Berry Lightning

Back in the 1960s, the world was introduced to the lives of mutant fighters known as the X-Men. In the pages of Marvel Comics, readers watched as humans with amazing mutant abilities fought for justice for other mutants as well as humans. Among the team of dedicated heroes was Storm, aka Ororo Monroe, one of the first African characters in modern comics.

Storm's ability to manipulate the weather and nature made her a force to be reckoned with. Beyond her powers, she was also a fearsome hand-to-hand combatant, very intelligent, and one of the strongest willed characters around. She has even stepped in as leader of the X-Men, proving to be an authority figure the team could trust and respect. Her time in the comic books has included a few romantic dalliances, including becoming the wife of Black Panther and serving as the Queen of Wakanda.

Unfortunately, some fans only know Storm for her ability to cast lightning at her enemies. Although this is a feat she can accomplish, her abilities extend well beyond just her weather attacks. The full extent of her powers include all levels of weather manipulation, natural energies, and other nature-based controls. Her body can connect to nature itself, so we're taking an extended look at the many layers and sciences behind her nature-based attacks.

Not only does her body serve as the main vessel for her powers, but it directly correlates to her overall strength. There's a lot going on beneath the surface of Storm.

Here are the 22 Strangest Things About Storm's Body.

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22 Storm Was Supposed To Be A Cat-Based Character

Storm debuted as a member of the X-Men back in the 1970s. Her first appearance in Giant-Size X-Men #1 in May 1975 revealed to comic fans the fearsome heroine was one of the strongest members of the team. However, the Storm we all know and love of today had some very different beginnings in the Marvel World.

Created by writer Len Wein and artist Dave Cockrum, Cockrum shared in an interview the original plans for Storm: “I had drawn up a number of characters: The original black female in the group was to have been called The Black Cat. She had Storm's costume but without the cape, and a cat-like haircut with tufts for ears. Her power was that she could turn into a humanoid cat or a tabby. She wore a collar with a bell on it.”

21 She Could Have Been A Guy

Marvel Typhoon

Although the original plan was for Storm to be a feline-themed character, the appearance of several other cat-based characters in the Marvel Universe derailed that idea. Her final costume remained similar to the Black Cat character, but the origins of her weather-controlling characters derived from yet another source.

As reported by Cosmic Teams, Cockrum confirmed Wein’s statement about Storm being a combination of two characters: Black Cat and a Black male character named Typhoon:

“I also had a guy who was a weather handler called Typhoon who had a flowing cape with a dark cape with yellow trim.”

In the end, the costume of Black Cat and the powers of Typhoon became the root for Storm’s character.

20 She Can Control The Human Body

Storm X-Men movie

The ability to control the weather or small or large environments is no simple task. The amount of control and concentration needed to perform such tasks demonstrates the true extent of her powers. However, considering the human body is made of many of the same elements as the environment we live in, this provided yet another system for Storm to control.

Her powers allow her to make particular weather conditions in a much smaller form. In the past, she has used her abilities to manipulate the pressure in someone’s inner ear at her will.

With her full control of the wind, she has been able to take control of the air in someone’s lungs.

Any element that bears similarities to the significant weather systems in the world can easily come under the control of the powerful mutant.

19 Her Eyes Can See Natural Energies Around Her


Being able to control the weather takes a far greater knowledge than one may understand. For Storm, her abilities extend beyond simple weather manipulation.

Her body and mind have actually become in tune with the science behind meteorological phenomena. She has the ability to see the science behind these weather systems and occurrences with an extended visual power. She can actually see the various natural energies including kinetic, thermal, and electromagnetic patterns throughout the universe.

Storm has a broader understanding of these occurrences and can replicate them flawlessly. In a sense, Storm has managed to become almost Mother Nature herself, bending the Earth and even the space to her will.

18 She Gets Stronger When People Worship Her

Storm Face Powers

Storm’s family has been connected to various magical sources in their past. Although she doesn’t have any magical powers directly, her connections to something stronger than the physical realms of the Earth seem to exist.

Almost taking a page from the classic story of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, Storm can gain additional powers when someone places his or her trust in her. To elaborate, she can gain additional strength from people’s prayers and beliefs.

Though not necessarily an immortal, her incredible weather manipulation abilities did lead the people of Wakanda to look to her as their goddess. The more people believe in her, the more powers she is able to gain. She could truly be considered the goddess of weather.

17 Her Morph Into Amazon

Amalgam Comics brought together some of the most popular characters of the Marvel and DC Comics world together in an interesting collaboration. The joint effort created exciting stories between the two universes and produced unique characters that took on the personality and abilities of the characters from these two companies.

In the case of Storm, the character was paired with another formidable heroine of the DC Comics Universe: Wonder Woman.

The character known as Amazon shared the backgrounds of both women: Ororo was raised in Themiscyra with a young Diana.

However, she has the powers of the Marvel version of Storm as well. She eventually became a member of JLX, the mashup of the X-Men and the Justice League.

16 She Became a Vampire

Storm Marvel Bloodstorm

Dracula has continued to have a fascination with Storm throughout the comics. G seemed drawn to her and wanted to make her his bride at one point. Although she never fell prey to his manipulations in the main universe, fans witnessed Storm becoming a new version of herself in Mutant X universe.

This version, known as Bloodstorm, was turned after Dracula bit her.

This variation of Storm became quite popular with fans with Marvel Comics. She began as a supporting character but soon became one of the most popular characters from the series. The character also appeared in other dimensions so she could continue to exist in the Marvel world.

15 She's been the Phoenix and Thor

Storm Thor X-Men Gold

Storm’s mind-blowing weather manipulation has certainly set her apart from others mutants in the comic books. However, Marvel writers decided to expand her possibilities with other powers from her colleagues as well.

The What If series often tested various scenarios that could have led characters in a completely different direction within the Marvel universe.

In one such scenario, Storm took on the powers of the Phoenix Force, leading to her becoming Stormphoenix in issue #79. In issue #12, she took Thor’s place as the Goddess of Asgard, complete with his powers and mighty hammer Mjolnir. She was even seen as recently as this year wielding the powers yet again in a scene in X-Men: Gold.

14 She Had Children with Wolverine

Continuing with the strange and unique happenings of the What If? world, the comic expanded on the possibility of a Storm and Wolverine relationship. The relationship had been touched on in the main timeline, but the full extent of their closeness remained unknown.

In What If? issue #114, fans got a glimpse into the world of the two mutants and the results of their love for one another.

Storm and Wolverine actually had two children together, with the oldest being named Kendall Logan.

Kendall displayed great gifts from both of her parents including Storm’s weather control abilities. She took on the superhero name Torrent and followed in her parents’ footsteps to help the world.

On Earth-9811 (Battleworld) the two children form a new Avengers groups to take on the son of one of their parents’ former enemies, Doctor Doom.

13 She Once Became an actual Storm out of Fear

X-Men Days of Future Past Trailer Storm - Halle Berry Lightning

During Uncanny X-Men issue #147, Storm’s fear of claustrophobia was truly put to the test by the villainous Doctor Doom. He managed to trap the hero in a chrome shell.

Being confronted with her fear for such a long time had cataclysmic effects on the world. Her imprisonment caused her powers to flare to protect her, affecting weather systems around the world. Her powers continued to build as her fear increased.

Once she was finally free, Storm found herself at one of her strongest forms ever. The final effects of both her fear and powers heightening in retaliation resulted in turning her into the personification of an actual storm. She was on the brink of insanity and became a near-mindless foe to both Doctor Doom and her fellow X-Men.

12 She Can Pick A Lock With Her Teeth

Storm Lock picking With Teeth

After the loss of her parents at a very young age, Storm had to learn how to survive on her own. As an orphan living on the streets of Cairo, she learned the only trade that she could: thievery.

Achmed El-Gibar took the young Storm in and taught her all that she knew about being a thief and pickpocket. However, these skills weren’t limited to just the use of her hands. Not knowing what scenarios that may be faced for a robbery, she was taught how to break locks with her other body parts as well.

Fans witnessed Storm learning how to use her feet to break into a safe in The Uncanny X-Men issue #113. She even used her lock picking kick to release herself from shackles using the kit with her teeth.

11 Her Iconic Mohawk Makeover Started As A Joke

Mohawk Storm Marvel

One of Storm’s most icon and drastic looks came with the debut of punk clothes and a mohawk. Although the radical look seemed to be a step in a new direction for her character, its origins came from a joke by one of Marvel’s artists.

According to CBR artist Paul Smith shared: “Storm had just lost most of her hair and she needed a hairstyle out of what was left. I did a number of portraits, all quite lovely and feminine, thank you very much. As a JOKE, I included a shot of her as Mr. T. You know, the kind of shot where they HAVE to go the other way."

In the end, the style was chosen and incorporated into her storyline.

10 Her Own Mind Is Her Biggest Weakness

Known for her powerful abilities to control the weather and other aspects of nature, Storm became a formidable opponent and key member of the X-Men. Her powers often overwhelmed her enemies, leaving them struck by lightning, frozen in their tracks or even drowning in heavy wind and rain.

Although she seemed like an unstoppable force, Storm’s own mind contained one of her greatest weaknesses. As a child, she witnessed the loss of her parents. She found herself trapped under rubble near her mother’s body, resulting in her suffering from claustrophobia for most of her life.

Although this fear did not show up often, Storm did find herself completely fear struck when she managed to become trapped in a similar manner.

9 She Tried to Destroy Herself to Save the World

Storm had to face very harsh realities when the X-Men came face-to-face with the alien race known as the Brood. In The Uncanny X-Men issue #162, the team found out they had been implanted with Brood eggs in retaliation for their actions against the aliens. The eggs would hatch and eventually turn them into the creatures.

Determined to save the worldm she attempted to end her own life with the use of cosmic energy.

She absorbed the powers into her body to destroy the egg and herself. However, her life was spared thanks to Acanti race, which saved her body from floating aimlessly in space. The alien helped her recover and heal from her self-sacrifice.

8 Her Powers were Taken Away By Her Future Lover

Throughout her comic book career, Storm’s love life did not include many significant others. Although her relationship with Black Panther may be well known, her time with Forge was quite significant. However, the complication of their relationship extends well beyond the usual couple problems.

When Storm lost her powers due to an accident with a neutralizing gun, Forge nursed Storm back to health.

During their time together, the two fell in love and began a relationship together.

Sadly, one ugly truth was revealed during the couple’s time of bliss: Forge was the person who made the gun that took her powers. Devastated, Storm ended their relationship once she learned the truth. She quit the X-Men and moved to Africa, learning to come to terms with losing her powers in The Uncanny X-Men issue #198.

7 She was Changed Back Into a Teenager

Teenager Storm and Gambit

Storm made her way from a petty thief in the streets of Cairo to one of the most trusted members of the X-Men over the years. However, she would soon have to rely on that childhood occupation when she was changed back into a teenager.

After being kidnapped by the villain Nanny, her passing was faked to ensure her teammates wouldn’t find her.

In Uncanny X-Men issue #253, she found herself with no previous memories of her time with the group and aged back to a teenager.

Unwilling to help Nanny with her plan, she escaped and returned to her life of crime. However, she eventually ran into Gambit during one of her jobs and continued partnered with him until her she was returned to her adult state with her memory restored.

6 The Full Extent of Her Weather Manipulation

Storm Snow Powers Marvel

The full extent of Storm’s powers is genuinely astounding. Though often depicted as controlling lightning or rain, her talents actually extend well beyond those two forms of weather occurrences. Not only can she control various types of weather but the surrounding environments as well.

This ability includes controlling humidity, atmospheric pressure, and moisture don to a molecular level.

Additional weather control includes natural disasters that plague the world: tornados, hurricanes, typhoons, and blizzards.

Storm can control even smaller forms of these occurrences including a simple fog at her will. Along with the bad, she can also produce good forms of weather, making a cloudy day become sunny in mere minutes. She is truly one of the most gifted X-Men.

5 Resistance To Extreme Temperatures and Enviroments

Alexandra Shipp as Storm in X-Men Apocalypse

The power to control various weather systems and occurrences throughout the universe can have its benefits too -- not only as an offense but as a defense as well. As Storm can control these occurrences, she can also resist them.

Being in extreme environments doesn’t bother the mutant as she can adjust her body accordingly.

Whether faced with extreme cold or scorching heat, Storm can merely increase or decrease her own body temperature to fit the situation.

Just as she can affect similar weather conditions within a person’s body, she can achieve the same results within herself. Although not wholly resistant to the harsh environments, she can make sure she survives the extreme weather conditions to the best of her abilities.

4 She can Fly by Creating Winds

The ability to fly has always been one of those superhero characteristics that most fans would love to have. Moving at the speed of light whenever you want to sounds like a dream come true.

This power has appeared for numerous heroes throughout history for comic books around the world. In most cases, the hero or heroine has the innate ability to propel themselves into the skies. On occasion, they may have real or artificial wings that aid them in their task.

For Storm, her power of flight does not come from either of these sources. In fact, she is only able to fly because of her weather manipulation powers. Storm actually creates a wind around herself strong enough to prove her body in any direction she chooses.

3 Her Body Can Adjust To Atmospheric Pressure

X-Men: Apocalypse character posters - Storm

Storm has proven to be a formidable hero here on Earth. Between her keen intellect, fighting abilities and fearsome mutant powers, she has proven to be a strong opponent. However, her strength is not limited to just Earth. Her weather manipulation abilities also make her a great asset in other situations.

Storm has the ability to fight in space and adjust to various atmospheric pressures accordingly.

According to Comicvine, “…In space she can manipulate energies of stars and the solar wind. She can also summon atmospheric lightning while in space (though she can generate bioelectric lightning bolts through her metabolism). When in space she needs no medium for her lightning to travel and the raw power of her bolts are significantly enhanced, and has summoned a bolt big enough to cover a space ship.”

2 Storm’s Powers are Limited by Her Will and Her body

Storm Taking Out Multiple Enemies

As power as Storm has appeared over the years, she does have limits to her abilities. Beyond her incapacitating claustrophobia, her abilities tie directly to her physical body. Although her weather-controlling skills seem unstoppable, if Storm cannot stay strong-willed or is physically limited, she cannot manage them properly.

Her strong will has helped her prevent being manipulated by enemies and has proven to be one of the strongest among other heroes. Sadly, any limitations placed on her physical body including exhaustion or overexertion will directly reduce the strength of her powers.

Therefore, Storm must ensure that her physical body does not take too much damage in a battle or she will be unable to be an effective fighter.

1 Her Emotions Tie Directly To Nature

Halle Berry in X-Men

Storm continues to demonstrate that her relationship with nature runs vastly deeper than mere manipulation. Although the control of the weather proves to be a fantastic feat, her understanding of nature itself gives her an even stronger advantage. Being able to see the various forms of natural energies and their flow make her an even stronger opponent. The understanding of the science of nature helps her achieve more manipulation don to a molecular level.

Extending beyond her knowledge, her emotional connection to nature add another dimension to her powers.

With her emotions and nature connected, her feelings, if strong enough, can manifest themselves in the form of weather.

To prevent unnecessary damage to the world she often uses her strong will to keep her emotions in check as much as possible.


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