Marvel is Seriously Thirsty For An X-MEN Love Triangle

Wolverine Cyclops Jean Grey Romance

Warning: SPOILERS for X-Men #1

Marvel's X-Men comics are straight-up thirsting for a classic love triangle. The X-Men comics have often been described as the comic book equivalent of a soap opera, and that was particularly the case when the franchise was at its most popular, back in the '90s. But it's about to pick up speed.

Legendary comic book writer Jonathan Hickman has taken charge of the X-Men franchise, and there have already been hints he aims to bring this element of the X-Men back. Powers of X #4 included pages dedicated to gossip from the Bar Sinister, and one clearly discussed a Wolverine/Jean Grey/Cyclops love triangle. "Maybe this is just the new normal on the mutant island," it suggested. Whatever the case, all three seemed perfectly friendly while sharing beers and celebrating their new home in House of X #6.

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This week's X-Men #1 not-so-subtly suggests that may well be the case. The issue is largely set at the Summers House, Cyclops' home, which is situated on the Moon. In true Hickman style, it includes a floor plan... with one detail guaranteed to stand out. While most of the rooms are separate, the new and refreshed new and refreshed Jean Grey's (Room 10) has open access to the two rooms at either side. Which belong to Cyclops and Wolverine.

X-Men Comic Wolverine Cyclops Jean Romance

The implications are pretty clear: Jean has chosen to give both Cyclops and Wolverine access to her chambers, and that we really are in love triangle territory. Interestingly, for all there have previously been sparks between Wolverine and Jean Grey, in the comics they've never before progressed beyond surface level romance. Jean has typically refused to go any further, and the one time she considered it, Logan turned her down. It looks like all that may have changed under Krakoan rules. Of course, the curious question is just how Cyclops feel about this new love triangle. The very fact it's so open - there are literally doors between the rooms - suggests both that he's aware of it, and that he doesn't mind. In fact, it's notable that Wolverine is the only mutant not related to Cyclops who lives in the Summers House, so it's not an exaggeration to say that Cyclops must be pretty comfortable with it.

Curiously, Powers of X #4 suggested that Cyclops can't complain - because "he's up to much the same, and more." There's been intense speculation that this means Cyclops has resumed his old relationship with his old relationship with Emma Frost, or else is now enacting his old flirtations with Psylocke, so frankly this could be a lot more complicated than just a love triangle. It will be interesting to see how Hickman chooses to address this; so far, he's settled for keeping all this off-panel instead alluding to it, but that surely can't last.

  • X-MEN #1
  • Written by: Jonathan Hickman
  • Art by: Leinil Francis Yu
  • Cover Art by: Leinil Francis Yu
  • DAWN OF X! The X-Men find themselves in a whole new world of possibility... and things have never been better! Jonathan Hickman (HOUSE OF X, POWERS OF X, SECRET WARS) and superstar artist Leinil Yu (NEW AVENGERS, CAPTAIN AMERICA) reveal the saga of Cyclops and his hand-picked squad of mutant powerhouses!

X-Men #1 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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