X-Men Comics Introduce Professor X's Alien Daughter

It seems Professor Xavier's legacy is about to take an unexpected twist, as Gambit and Rogue discover that the X-Men's founder has a half-human daughter.

Kelly Thompson's Mr. and Mrs. X has been an unusual series, focusing on the bizarre but entertaining honeymoon of newlywed X-Men Gambit and Rogue. They attempted to get away from it all by heading off into the depths of space, but unfortunately Kitty Pryde was forced to interrupt their post-nuptials and send them on a mysterious mission. They were tasked with procuring an egg - and, in an unexpected twist, when the egg hatched it appeared to contain a perfect (albeit naked) doppelganger of Rogue. No doubt that was quite appreciated by Deadpool after interrupting their honeymoon and by now was hitching a ride.

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Previews for Mr. and Mrs. X #3, due for release on September 19, finally reveal the truth behind the egg. It seems the girl contained within is the genetically engineered child of Professor Charles Xavier and the deceased Shi'ar Empress, Lilandra. It makes a strange sort of sense that she'd hatch from an egg, given the Shi'ar are an Avian race, descended from birds rather than mammals. Under Shi'ar law, the egg is property of the Shi'ar Empire - but, needless to say, the X-Men aren't just going to abandon the Professor's daughter. Kitty hypothesizes that she currently looks like Rogue because of her powerful psychic powers; she reached out into Gambit's mind, and projected an appearance that he'd want to protect.

The plot is an absolute masterstroke on Thompson's part. Her story is focused on one of the X-Men's most iconic relationships, but this twist broadens it out to embrace another legendary romance; the star-crossed love affair between Charles Xavier and Lilandra Neramani. Bound by love but divided by duty to their respective races, these two supported each other for many years; until, that is, Charles Xavier's mind fell under the influence of a powerful psychic being, his sister Cassandra Nova. Lilandra could never forgive Xavier for the horrors Nova committed while wearing Xavier's face.

It's interesting to speculate just how powerful Xavier and Lilandra's daughter could truly be. She appears to instinctively possess vast psychic power, invading Gambit and Rogue's mind with ease - in spite of the fact their psychic defenses are formidable. Notice also that she appears to be able to touch Rogue without being absorbed by her powers, presumably using telepathy to restrain them. This young psychic could be every bit as powerful as Charles Xavier himself.

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Mr. and Mrs. X #3 will release on September 19 from Marvel Comics.

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