Wolverine Shreds Box Office: $87 Million Opening Weekend

They call him Wolverine, and he's the best at what he does, and what he does is shred the box office with berserker rage!  Okay, enough of the Wolverine analogies, but you can't help but be impressed with the $87 million haul of X-Men Origins: Wolverine!

What a way to start off the summer--with the 2009 box office up over last year, people are still hungry for movies, even in this economy. Fox need not fret any more about the pirated version that leaked out, hurting the box office, because the Hugh Jackman-starrer proved that people love to see movies in the theaters.

But the one thing Wolverine's healing factor and near-indestructible adamantium-laced skeleton can't stop, and that's the critical drubbing it's receiving. It stands at an awful 37% rating over at, though Screen Rant's owner and Editor-in-Chief Vic Holtreman gave it 3 out of 5 stars.  I've been reading online that it's also getting fair-to-poor word-of-mouth ratings from viewers, and that has the potential to hurt the film in the coming weeks.

I'd say a Wolverine 2 is now extremely likely to get green lit (how about Bryan Singer directing?!), and other X-Men movies could see the green light, too, like X-men: First Class and X-Men Origins: Magneto and spinoffs for Deadpool and Gambit.

Add to that another May that's over-stocked with movies, so something's going to give and a movie will crash and burn.  Iron Man, which opened the same weekend last year, was able to stay invincible because it was a well-received film by fans and critics, while Speed Racer and The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian were both weak films that crashed and burned.

With Star TrekAngels and DemonsTerminator Salvation, and Disney/Pixar's Up all coming out in the coming weeks, can Wolverine stay the positive box office course?  We'll have to keep our eyes on it.  For now, X-Men Origins: Wolverine has started the summer off with a rip-roaring howl!

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