The X-Men's [SPOILER] Was Just Killed By Marvel, Again

Warning: SPOILERS for Marvel Comics Presents #6

When Marvel started to reveal Wolverine's secret mission to protect the world, some shocking, unseen moments were guaranteed. But what fans sure didn't expect was to see the brutal death of Cyclops, leader of the classic X-Men. So much for Marvel not killing major characters.

That's exactly what has just taken place in the pages of Marvel Comics Presents, in a story that has so far focused on Logan's unlikely curse to save the world. To make a long story short, he's charged with banishing a demon called 'The Truth' once every decade. When his magical ally in the task, Sylvie, is slain, he turns to his fellow X-Men. And believe it or not, the subsequent death of Cyclops has been dropped in the official preview of the next issue. Even stranger? Scott Summers isn't even the only Marvel hero to be killed in the first pages...

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The story picks up in Marvel Comics Presents #5, jumping to the year 1995. The preview shows that Wolverine has succeeded in setting up fail-safes of his own, alerting the superheroine Talisman to be on guard for The Truth's return. As fans know, Wolverine has the rest of the X-Men heroes to back him up... unfortunately, things go bad almost immediately. Well, they go bad instantly, jumping into the fight just as Cyclops has The Truth's fist smashed right through his torso, almost certainly killing him in a split second.

Such is the price of false confidence, we suppose, since Scott's final words, "Let's go save the world" are almost asking to be shoved back down his throat. The shocking death of Cyclops shouldn't overshadow what is, at least in this story, the far more damaging death. With Sylvie the sorcerer now unable to drive back The Truth, and no family members of her on the scene (apparently), the world's only hopes rest with Talisman and HER magic. But even before she can figure out how to improvise a banishing spell, The Truth reaches out and snaps her neck with a flick of its wrist. Meaning the heroes are dead, and the world is doomed. Pretty shocking, when you realize this apparently happened twenty-five years ago in the Marvel Universe fans are still reading about.

Hopefully the full issue will help to explain these drastic changes to the X-Men story that fans know, but will it require history be rewritten, or the deaths of Cyclops and Talisman to be undone? Only time will tell. So until then, read below for the full solicitation information:

  • Released: June 26th, 2019
  • Writer: Charles Soule, Ed Brisson, Tim Seeley
  • Art: Paulo Siqueira
  • Cover by: Arthur Adams
  • Welcome to the 1990s, by far the most embossed, holographic and collectible era of them all! First up, that Adamantium foil hero Wolverine gets a real shock during his Vigil! Then, Deadpool gets into the collectibles market at JUST the wrong time! And finally, a new Marvel U status quo for Danny Ketch who caught fire as the Ghost Rider of the era!

Marvel Comics Presents #6 will be available at your local comic book shop on June 26th, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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