Gambit Was Just Replaced as Marvel's 'King of Thieves'

Gambit King of Thieves Comic

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Mr. and Mrs. X #11

Gambit, everyone's favorite Cajun X-Men and King of Marvel's Thieves, has just found himself in a serious dilemma in Marvel's comic universe. When you play the game of mutant thrones, you win... or you die.

After Gambit and his new wife, Rogue returned from adventures in the Mojoverse, they divided to conquer separate missions. Rogue AKA was summoned to help Captain Marvel's team of women escape Manhattan, as Gambit AKA returned home to New Orleans, to resume his position as leader of the secretive Thieves Guild... or so he thought. When Gambit arrives home, he discovers he's been dethroned-- (and by one of his long time enemies).

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Gambit has always been rough around the edges, with many of the X-Men even struggling to trust him due to his connection to the criminal Thieves Guild. For fans who may have forgotten, Gambit grew up on the streets of New Orleans with a gang of thieves, -- until one day he pick-pocketed the wrong guy: Jean-Luc LeBeau. It may have been the right guy, in the end, since Jean-Luc happened to be the head of the Thieves Guild at the time, and decided to adopt Remy as his own.

The Thieves Guild and Assassins Guild have always been at war, and in an attempt to bring the two secret societies together, Gambit married Bella Donna Boudreaux. This didn't last long, as Gambit eventually killed her brother after the wedding, and their marriage was annulled, and Gambit exiled. It was only then that he met and joined forces with the X-Men, but years later he found his way back to the Thieves Guild -- and became the order's King. At their house warming party back in Mr. and Mrs. X #6, Bella Donna came to warn Gambit and Rogue that there was turmoil among the Thieves Guild.

It's only now that Gambit finally has the time to go check it out. When he arrives he realizes that most of his thieves think he is dead, so he drops in to let them know reports of his death were greatly exaggerated. Unfortunately for Gambit, his men do not welcome him with open arms. Why? Because someone has stolen the power while he was away. That won't be a surprise, since... Thieves Guild. But what may come as a shock to readers is that this usurper is supposed to dead. Like, really dead. Candra died violently back in Cable #154, but she is now alive and well (and in a much younger body). And Gambit? He's now the enemy.

Gambit Rogue Comic Sacrifice

Candra just so happens to be someone Gambit has had several run-ins with over the years. But not only does she seem to be leading the Guild, she is also working with the head of the Assassins Guild, Bella Donna -- Remy's ex. Rogue helps save Manhattan alongside Captain Marvel just in time, because she found Gambit and attempts to save him. As things always seem to go with the two of them, she is captured as well.

Now they both have power suppressing collars on and Candra and Bella Donna are about to sacrifice Rogue! Will the X-Men couple make it out alive? And if so, will they be able to stop Candra, Bella Donna, and the Guilds from whatever destructive plans they have up their sleeves? Most importantly... will Gambit have to give up his title as the King of Thieves for good?

Mr. and Mrs. X #11 is on sale now from Marvel Comics, and at your local comic shop.

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