New 'X-Men: First Class' Clip: Beast Gets Acrobatic

X-men first class clip introduces Hank McCoy (Nicholas Hoult)

X-Men: First Class seemed like a movie that was destined for disaster when it (and its out-of-continuity storyline) was first announced, but there's been a massive turnaround in opinion thanks to a few good trailers and TV spots, as well as some great character-focused trailers. When an actual clip from the movie was released a week ago, positive expectations for the film continued to rise. The movie clip indicated that trailers weren't just well-edited sleight of hand - this movie actually seems to play well.

Today we have another clip from X-Men: First Class to share, this time featuring young actor Nicholas Hoult (About A Boy) as brilliant mutant scientist Hank McCoy, a.k.a. The Beast.

X-Men movie fans surely remember that Kelsey Grammer brought the elder version of Hank McCoy to life (in all his blue-furred glory) in the not-so-glorious X-Men: The Last Stand. McCoy's presence in that film was one of the only good things about it, though Beast (like so many characters) felt very marginalized and unexplored.

Based on a recent character trailer (which you can view below) we know that in First Class Hank McCoy will play a much more pivotal and important role: We will witness the experiment that goes so tragically wrong and transforms a young boy (who yearns to be normal) into the iconic blue-skinned creature who struggles to retain a sense of humanity in his bestial form.

Check out the character trailer for Beast:

Now that you've seen that, you can check out the new X-Men: First Class clip, which comes our way courtesy of Yahoo Movies:



For those who don't know yet, the relationship between Henry McCoy and a young Raven Darkholme/Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) will have important ramifications in the film. In this altered continuity (I know, I know, a dirty word...) it is reportedly Mystique's shape-changing DNA that McCoy utilizes in order to synthesize a cure for his mutation (which we are now dubbing "freaky feet"). And we all know how that goes...

X-Men: First Class - for all its "blasphemous" violation of canon - seems poised to be the best X-Men movie yet, in terms of how it explores the characters and the X-Men themes. Hopefully the ensemble format of the film doesn't take away from the Hank McCoy subplot. Beast has been one of the more engaging and fascinating Marvel characters of all time, which is why he has been included on so many different teams (The Avengers, The Defenders, several X-Squads) and still pops up in various capacities all over the Marvel Universe (with S.W.O.R.D. and The Secret Avengers most recently).

I say all that to say: let's hope director Matthew Vaughn recognizes the value of the character (and we believe he does) and does him justice in this film.

X-Men: First Class will be in theaters on June 3rd.

Source: Yahoo Movies

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