'X-Men: First Class': January Jones is Scorching Hot as Emma Frost [Updated]

January Jones costumes as emma frost in xmen first class

X-Men: First Class hype is already at a fever pitch - which is why it almost seems irresponsible for FOX to unleash these latest images from the movie, featuring Mad Men star January Jones look positively scorching as Emma Frost.

As fans of the X-Men comics already know, Emma Frost is defined by three things: her telepathic mind-games, her hardcore "diamond form" and, of course, the scandalous costumes she wears, which would make a nun faint at the very sight of all that delicious x-posed skin.

Today, courtesy of Heat Vision and Marvel, we have some tantalizing pics of Jones in her Emma Frost costumes (semi-costumes, really) as well as some concept art of her character. Talk about life imitating art. :-)

Before we get to the images (which I'm sure will be examined in careful detail by you fans) check out January Jones as Emma Frost in this clip from First Class:




Now that you know that she can actually move in some of these tightly-clad outfits (though she does look a bit stiff, we'll admit), have a look at different versions of the non-clothing Emma Frost will don in the film. As a BONUS, we also have a nice little piece of concept art for another lovely female mutant, Angel Salvadore (Zoe Kravitz). UPDATE: FOX HAS ASKED US TO REMOVE THE ANGEL SALVADORE CONCEPT ART THAT WAS MISTAKENLY RELEASED BY MARVEL.

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For more new concept art from the film, head over to For a look at a third Emma Frost costume, head over to Heat Vision.

If you want to hear the cast and crew talk about how worried THEY were about how this movie turned out (and why they're so relieved about the finished product), go HERE.

X-Men: First Class will be in theaters on June 3rd.

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