'X-Men: First Class' Producer Claims Aaron Johnson Is Not Cyclops

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MovieWeb had a chance to speak with producer Tarquin Pack, who has collaborated with director Matthew Vaughn on his recent comic book films Kick-Ass (now available on DVD/Blu-ray) and the upcoming X-Men (prequel? Reboot?), X-Men: First Class.

During the topic of casting for First Class was brought up, and Pack put to the rest the long-gestating rumor that Aaron Johnson, star of Kick-Ass, would be playing the central role of Cyclops/Scott Summers in the movie. Color us disappointed.

While many fans (such as our own Rob Keyes) are still trying to unravel the mystery of whether  First Class is a prequel or a reboot one thing that was agreed upon early on was that Aaron Johnson would be a good choice for Cyclops - someone with the acting chops to really bring the X-Men's troubled leader to the forefront of the story, rather than having him resigned to the background as a foil for Wolverine (the version of the character James Marsden was forced to play in the original X-Men trilogy).

The thought of a proper onscreen version of Cyclops has been a titillating hook for X-Men: First Class - however, according to Pack, it won't be Johnson who attempts to do the character justice: "...Don't believe everything you read in the papers about Aaron, unfortunately. Aaron's kind of busy, yeah."

So what is Johnson busy with, exactly? According to his IMDB resume, the actor is currently entering pre-production on a movie called The Phone, a remake of a Korean thriller about a cell phone that wreaks havoc on whomever possesses it. Hopefully it's better than One Missed Call. Of course, Johnson also has a little sequel called Kick-Ass 2 on the near horizon - as Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar recently reminded us. Unlike Ryan Reynolds, it would seem that Johnson doesn't have room on his plate to play two superhero roles at one time. Bummer.

For those keeping count, these are the actors confirmed for First Class so far, along with the mutants they will be playing:

That still leaves the top two young X-Men - Cyclops and Jean Grey - in question. As any X-Men fan will tell you, a lot ( a whole lot) of First Class' credibility hinges on who the filmmakers cast in those two pivotal roles. Johnson would've brought some major cred to to the table, in that respect.

Xmen first class cyclops jean grey

If you want to read more about what we can expect from X-Men: First Class and updates about that recent rumor that Matthew Vaughn had to revise dream sequences in the film that were too much like Chris Nolan's Inception, then be sure to head on over to MovieWeb.

What do you guys think about Aaron Johnson not playing Cyclops in X-Men: First Class? Can you suggest another actor that could handle playing the X-Men's leading man?

Source: MovieWeb

Image Source: Cyclops and Jean Grey by "Hawk"

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