X-Men: First Class - Amber Heard for Mystique? Pike for MacTaggert?

Our friends over at Comic Book Movie are sourcing an issue of Production Weekly for a rumor concerning actress Amber Heard (Pineapple Express, The Joneses) being eyed by Fox for a role as a presumably younger Mystique in Mathew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class.

Heard would certainly be a...visually appropriate stand-in for the blue-skinned shape shifter made famous by Rebecca Romijn in the original X-Men trilogy - however, this news is sure to further confuse fans who are wondering what First Class is going to be about.

Based on the ending of X-Men Origins: Wolverine - where a slightly younger Professor X shows up to save a group of young mutants - the general assumption was that First Class would feature Xavier training young Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast and (possibly) Emma Frost as X-Men. Then came news that actor James McAvoy had been cast as Xavier in First Class, along with early details that the film would focus on a really young Xavier (still with working legs) and his friendship with Erik Lensherr, the man who will eventually become his nemesis, Magneto.

Actor Michael Fassbender (300, Centurion) was recently rumored for the Magneto role - although Comic Book Movie reports that he's now dropped out of the running (we should be hearing confirmation on that shortly). In another First Class casting update, CBM also claims that actress Rosamund Pike, who was rumored to play Emma Frost, is actually being considered for the role of Moira MacTaggert, a character who appeared in X-Men: The Last Stand and was an early lover/assistant of Charles Xavier.

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Pike playing MacTaggert would make a bit more sense; the actress is in her thirties and would seemingly be too old to play a young Emma Frost, if that character is indeed part of Xavier's first class of X-Men. Again, the ambiguity of the story makes it hard to judge who fits where and why at this point.

As for Heard: as I said, she's plenty pretty to fill Rebecca Romijn's shoes, but it seems like somewhat of a waste to just recycle a supporting character we've already seen so much of (literally). Dye her hair red and Heard could play Jean Grey - or even better, a voluptuous Emma Frost who would be a strong temptation for Cyclops in the Jean-Scott-Emma triangle I think a lot of fans are hoping to see in First Class. Psychic babes are hot.

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So far I'm good with Matthew Vaughn directing, and I'm certainly pleased with having McAvoy onboard. I just wish Fox would clear up all this speculation about what the movie will focus on - the actual recruiting of the X-Men, flashbacks to Xavier and Magneto's shared past - half the movie about the first class, the other half about Xavier/Magneto...

Hopefully details will coincide with the arrival of Comic Con next month.

What do you think of the latest casting RUMORS for X-Men: First Class? Would Heard be a good Mystique - or would you rather see her in another role?

Source: CBM & Production Weekly

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