X-Men vs Fantastic Four Scrapped Movie Plot Details Revealed

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Details surrounding Fox's now-scrapped X-Men vs. Fantastic Four movie have been made public. Last month, X-Men: First Class screenwriter Zack Stentz dropped some details surrounding a script that he had written back in 2011 for a Marvel team-up movie at 20th Century Fox. The movie would have brought together superheroes such as the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Deadpool, and Daredevil, all of which were owned by Fox at the time. This idea was also planned long before Josh Trank's failed attempt at a Fantastic Four reboot, which probably dealt a hand in the film's cancellation.

The idea for a Marvel team-up film from Fox also came long before Disney acquired the rights to their properties in the big deal between the studios. There will always be a possibility that a film like this could still happen, especially now that all of the characters are underneath the same Marvel Studios umbrella, but it would take a lot of rebuilding for some of Fox's properties. A couple of the franchises would need some well-done reboots, X-Men being a big one after the franchise's finale, Dark Phoenix, fizzled at the box office and amongst critics.

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But, despite Dark Phoenix's fall from grace, the idea for the team-up film has resurfaced. According to THR, back in 2010, "Fox considered building toward a crossover movie that would have pitted the X-Men against the Fantastic Four," adding in that it would be, "Civil War for the Fox/Marvel characters." The script, which would have been penned by First Class screenwriters Ashley Edward Miller and Stentz, saw, "Johnny Storm go nova while trying to apprehend the villain Molecule Man," and that, "Johnny blows a hole in Manhattan and sparks the Superhero Registration Act in response to the carnage." In a similar vein to Captain America: Civil War, "the heroes are split on opposing sides," and that there would be a matchup between Wolverine and Mr. Fantastic that would end with, "Reed Richard pinning Wolverine down, extending his hands until they're one molecule wide, and using them as scissors to cut the mutant's arms off." The film would end with a peaceful pact between the heroes, and would later tease a Skrull invasion in a post-credits scene.

As exciting as this plot sounds, it would be a while before fans see a movie like this. In regards to rebooting Fantastic Four under the Marvel label, Kingsman: The Secret Service director Matthew Vaughn expressed his interest in reinvigorating the franchise. He explained that the film would be more of a live-action Incredibles film, if anything. It would have a family-first focus, which fits for a group of superheroes that are named Marvel's First Family.

A familiar approach could also be a helpful way to breathe new life into the X-Men franchise, mainly due to the close knit bonds between all of the mutants at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Before a team-up movie could come to fruition, Marvel would need to turn its focus inward on making sure both franchises can remain strong tentpoles for future installments. Only time will tell, but with the idea of an X-Men vs. Fantastic Four movie floating around, at least fans can remain a little hopeful.

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Source: THR

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