The X-Men's [SPOILER] Just Gave Their Life For Cyclops

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Warning: SPOILERS for Uncanny X-Men #22

Alex and Scott Summers may be brothers, but they haven't always seen eye to eye. In fact, they're most often seen bickering about who's actually right. But in Uncanny X-Men #22, Alex shockingly lays down his life to save his brother, admitting to him that he always thought Scott was the better of the two, and with an obligation to now prove him right.

Emma Frost recently ended the war against mutantkind by making humans forget that the X-Men ever existed. This left Scott Summers, AKA Cyclops, feeling like a general without an army. If he wasn't battling to protect his own kind, what should he be doing? As he sits pondering his future, he is confronted by Dani Moonstone. The two have a short discussion about how differently they view their friends (and how Scott thought of them as disposable soldiers), when his brother Alex, AKA Havok, joins in the conversation.

Alex agrees with Dani, and pulls Scott aside to talk -- brother to brother. The conversation doesn't start off on the right foot, as Scott calls Alex out for having been a villain in the past. Havok tries to explain the good in what has happened to his brother, but Scott doesn't want to accept it. He refuses to go back to hiding. He would rather be at war. Alex uses his power in public to prove to Scott that no one recognizes them. But something did.

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A couple of sentinels in the area recognize a mutant power being used -- it looks like Emma's powers aren't working on everything! The sentinels take aim at the bothers, knocking Scott back. Alex immediately jumps to protect his brother, likely blaming himself for the attack.

Havok Death Uncanny X-Men

Scott reminds Alex that General Callahan placed a device inside of him, and if he tries to use his full power, he will tear himself apart. Alex nobly lets his brother know that he is aware of that, but it isn't going to stop him from doing what is right. In order to stop the sentinel, Alex uses his full power, killing himself in the process, but saving his brother's life. His last words? "Scott, I always thought you were the best of us. Don't let me be wrong, okay?"

Fans of these brothers know that they have always had their differences. To see Alex do what he did for Scott, has to make them feel all the feels. This just proves that blood is thicker than water.

Uncanny X-Men #22 is available directly from Marvel Comics, or at your local comic shop.

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