Michael Fassbender at Erik yelling in X-Men Dark Phoenix

6. Magneto Fights Jean

A shot of Michael Fassbender screaming is a guarantee in an X-Men trailer, but this one may reveal more than Magneto strife. It clearly takes place on Genosha, and while he shows anguish, it also seems to be Erik using his powers to an extreme degree. It could be against the military invaders, but the mental strain and our knowledge of the plot thus far make it considerably more likely he's taking on Jean Grey in a bid to save his new land. Considering we know the helmet is coming out of storage, this won't end well.

5. The X-Men Teleport

Tye Sheridan James McCavoy Alexandra Shipp and Kodi Smit-McPhee huddle in X-Men Dark Phoenix

In X-Men: Apocalypse, Nightcrawler was just beginning to stretch his teleportation capabilities. In Dark Phoenix, he's able to carry three people with him at once. The group - Kurt, Scott, Storm and Charles - is the same we saw standing opposite the Brotherhood (and they're in the same clothes); they're quite possibly jumping from a lab in the X-Mansion to confront Magneto and Beast.

4. Mystique's Death?

Beast and Mystique in X-Men Dark Phoenix

A pretty massive spoiler for a trailer, this shot definitely appears to be Mystique's death. We've already looked at why she's the likely one to go, and here we see an upset Beast resting his head on her's.

It's incredibly hard to tell whether Fox is attempting to hide this Dark Phoenix shocker or not. On the one hand, the trailer doesn't show it explicitly, but on the other, it's hinted at throughout and will be an early event that powers most of the plot. From this vantage point, it wouldn't be surprising if later trailers make clear that Jennifer Lawrence won't be making it to the end credits.

3. Magneto Emerges As A Villain

Michael Fassbender as Magneto staring in X-Men Dark Phoenix

Completing Magneto's fall across the Dark Phoenix trailer, the last time we see him is leaning forward and looking out through his helmet, an angry look on his face. It's difficult to discern location or story placement, but this does definitely hint at Erik embracing his darker side. Could he be addressing an assembled Brotherhood of Mutants or similar gearing up for attack? The four X-Men better watch out.

2. Jean Grey Gets Consumed By Phoenix

Phoenix in the flames in X-Men Dark Phoenix

In what is surely the most spectacular shot of the Dark Phoenix trailer, the firey Phoenix Force swarms into Jean Grey; she curls up in seeming panic as it flares into her, looking just like the bird form in the comics. While this looks like a massive moment, it probably comes early on - this is surely when Jean first comes into contact with the cosmic force - which means that throughout the entire first trailer, we don't actually get to see any of Phoenix in action. That's surely an VFX decision (further impacted by reshoots to many scenes involving it), but makes a bold statement about the film's attempts to be grounded.

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1. "Evil"

Sophie Turner as Phoenix staring in X-Men Dark Phoenix

Finally, the Dark Phoenix trailer ends on its striking final line: "I've seen evil, I'm looking at it now," says Magneto as the Phoenix Force begins to push out of Jean, showing as cracks in her skin and flares in her eyes. To the villain who thinks he's good, this is something truly bad. Perhaps Charles' fears, while leading to brash actions, truly were warranted. Or, perhaps Magneto is seeing in Phoenix what he wants.

What we see is that there's still a clear human beneath all that power, again reminding that Dark Phoenix is the story of Jean Grey as much as it is a sci-fi spectacle.

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  • X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019) release date: Jun 07, 2019
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