X-Men: Dark Phoenix Trailer Breakdown - 47 Story Reveals & Secrets You Missed

James McCavoy as Professor X using Cerebro flames in X-Men Dark Phoenix

18. Charles Consumed By Fire

It may be one of his most useful tools, but more often that not, when Charles goes into Cerebro it doesn't end well. In First Class he can barely control it, in Days of Future Past he refuses to, and it's where En Sabah Nur takes control of him in Apocalypse. And now, in Dark Phoenix, he's engulfed by fire?!

The obvious suggestion is that Jean is attacking him after Phoenix Force has taken control, either directly or through the telepathic reach of Cerebro (likely the latter), but the trailer editing suggests it's the actual impact of the flare that awakens Jean in the first place. Whatever the case, it once again puts Professor X in the firing line.

17. Cyclops Amidst The Destruction Of The U.N.

Tye Sheridan in wreckage in X-Men Dark Phoenix

In a shot totally unrelated to most of what's seen in the rest of the trailer, there's Scott standing in the aftermath of some mass destruction. It's a very realistic presentation, all grey dust floating around twisted metal, that shows an attempt by Kinberg to convey the tangible impact of Jean's attacks. It's hard to tell what exactly is being shown, but later shots showing military personnel huddling from an explosion are presumably connected to this: going by set leaks from late 2017, this may be the Skrull's attack on the United Nations.

16. Professor X Is Sorry

James McCavoy as Professor X outside in X-Men Dark Phoenix

The Dark Phoenix trailer then enters a clearly made-in-the-edit conversation between Charles and Erik, but while that's misleading it still gives some important dialogue. "I'm sorry I didn't stop it sooner," says Charles. While that line actually appears to be from two separate scenes (note the clip before "I didn't"), it still shows Professor X feeling remorse for how he handled the Jean situation, asking for forgiveness.

15. Magneto Has Had Enough Of Professor X's Speeches

Michael Fassbender as Erik in commune in X-Men Dark Phoenix

Charles better not be asking for a pardon from Erik, however. "You're always sorry, Charles. And there's always a speech... and nobody cares," he directs at his long-standing frenemy. Based on the shot of Fassbender actually saying the lines, this comes after the Genosha attack - there's wreckage from the helicopter in the background - and Magneto seeing Jean's Phoenix powers first-hand. He's clearly shaken by the experience, and not willing to forgive his friend for creating what he later describes as "evil".

Of course, the quote is also a meta nod to the repetitive nature of the X-Men films. Professor X's mistakes (especially the McAvoy vintage) are many, and while he always apologizes, this time it's gone too far.

14. Magneto Puts On The Mask

Michael Fassbender as Magneto in X-Men Dark Phoenix

And here's the impact of everything we've seen from Magneto in the trailer so far. The attempt at building a mutant community, meeting Phoenix, seeing her full strength, and rejecting Charles has led him to return to the man he once was. We see him putting on his iconic helmet, stolen from Sebastian Shaw in First Class and worn again in both sequels. Bringing it out of storage symbolically sees him returning to the fight, and marking himself out against Charles; it's a way to block Professor X's telepathy. Clearly, while producer Lauren Shuler Donner did promise this movie wouldn't be as focused on Charles/Erik as those prior, their relationship is still a key part.

It's also worth noting that, despite his move into being a benevolent ruler, Magneto still kept the helmet, a sign this is the man he always was.

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13. Scott Tries To Save Jean

Sophie Turner as Jean Grey with Cyclops' hand in X-Men Dark Phoenix

A quick pair of shots show Scott and Jean together, emotions and tensions high. While it's a pretty non-descript moment between the two, it likely comes near the end of Dark Phoenix: Turner's costume is new, while the location matches with set photos that showed a final confrontation between Jean and Chastain (with Scott in the background). If so, then this moment is likely the culmination of the pair's relationship, the test of Scott's faith and Jean's final chance.

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