X-Men: Dark Phoenix Trailer Breakdown - 47 Story Reveals & Secrets You Missed

Jet over Earth in X-Men Dark Phoenix

24. The X-Men Go Into Space

It only took 18 years and 11 movies, but the X-Men are finally going to space! And good thing too - it's hard to tell a proper Dark Phoenix story without it. The more offbeat side of the X-Men has typically been ignored on the big screen, with even Egyptian conquerer Apocalypse rather grounded, but with the next movie we're actually going outside of Earth... sort of.

From the synopsis, Jean's immense power is awoken when some cosmic rays blast her during a mission in the X-Jet into the outer atmosphere, which is what we're seeing here. It's not much - in the comics, the Phoenix Force takes over Jean in deep space, sees her travel to far off planets and destroy a galaxy - but at least shows some understanding of the source.

23. The X-Men's Space Mission

Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique in blackbird

Inside the X-Jet, you can see the assembled team - complete with new costumes - including Mystique, Quicksilver, Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Jean Grey. It would appear a standard set of X-Men has been formed by the time Dark Phoenix begins, with this being just another one of their missions. It must come near the very start of the film as it's key in Jean becoming Phoenix. As for what they're doing, the official synopsis described a "rescue mission", while the EW photos from late last year showed a space shuttle; clearly, a NASA mission has gone wrong.

22. Jean Destroys Her Childhood Home?

House explosion in X-Men Dark Phoenix

Going back to the Red Hook sequence, we see a house exploding as Jean grabs her head in panic. The implication, obviously, is that she's destroyed it, an act that worsens things for the X-Men and brings the police. If this sequence is indeed taking cues from X-Men: The Last Stand, it could be her parents' house; she's attempting to understand her past, only for it to fail violently.

21. Scott Defends Jean At The Funeral

Tye Sheridan Kodi Smit-McPhee and Alexandra Shipp in X-Men Dark Phoenix

"Jean lost control, but she's still our friend." In the first of many shots of a funeral (likely for Mystique) in the Dark Phoenix trailer, Scott attempts to console his fellow mutants and defend Jean's actions (as established, she probably played a part in the death). This conflict of faith, friendship and fear is at the heart of the teaser, and given everything we've seen of the key players is sure to be a central theme in the finished movie. The question, of course, is which side each character chooses.

20. Beast's Crisis Of Faith

Nicholas Hoult and James McCavoy smashing bottle in X-Men Dark Phoenix

If the X-Men aren't going to blame Jean, then they're likely going to blame her teacher. Also at the funeral is a fraught confrontation between Hank and Charles, with the former blaming the later (again, probably for Mystique's death). You can immediately see the impact of Professor X's actions and the effect they have on those around him.

19. The Phoenix Force Emerges

Jet fire in X-Men Dark Phoenix

Continuing on the space mission, we get a look at Jean outside becoming consumed by the Phoenix Force. The Dark Phoenix synopsis said that Jean was "hit by a mysterious cosmic force", which we're clearly seeing happen in violent fashion here.

This would be a merging of the comic and previous movie version of the story: there is latent power inside Jean Grey, but it's supressed along with all her emotion and only brought out fully when she comes into contact with something decidedly alien. How this explains the power use in X-Men: Apocalypse is unclear.

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Key Release Dates
  • X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019) release date: Jun 07, 2019
  • New Mutants (2020) release date: Apr 03, 2020
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