X-Men: Dark Phoenix Trailer Breakdown - 47 Story Reveals & Secrets You Missed

X-men suited up in X-Men Dark Phoenix

30. The X-Men Confront Jean In Red Hook

What follows is presented as being linked to the Genosha sequence, but from the cars and buildings is actually Red Hook in Brooklyn - quite likely Jean's childhood home (another parallel to The Last Stand, where she visited and later killed Professor X there). Given there's a complete team and we're in a location not far from the school, this likely takes place just after the Phoenix Force is discovered but before Jean travels to Genosha.

As for what happens, the X-Men - including Quicksilver, Nightcrawler, Beast, Professor X, Cyclops, Storm and Mystique - have tracked Jean down and confront her. This is clearly intended as a peaceful mission, with Charles and Scott, in particular, trying to talk her down, but it won't go smoothly.

29. The X-Men Costumes

James McCavoy and Tye Sheridan in X-Men Dark Phoenix

As already teased by set photos and theater merchandise, in Dark Phoenix the X-Men will get yellow costumes! These yellow-and-black suits are much more in line with the black leather that's populated the majority of the big screen X-Men films (barring First Class), nodding towards Grant Morrison's New X-Men run from the early 2000s. Unfortunately, this likely means the new costumes from the end of X-Men: Apocalypse haven't made it to the 1990s.

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28. Jean Attacks Police Cars

Police car crash in X-Men Dark Phoenix

Police cars being flipped is an oddly specific X-Men movie trick, and here it's Jean's turn. These patrol cruisers reveal the Red Hook location, and give a taste of how the situation will escalate, with an X-Men confrontation spilling out into humanity.

What's noteworthy is that we don't get any shots of Jean in action, even using her powers lightly, which may just be smart editing but could indicate a more firey look for Turner that effects haven't been finished for yet.

27. Military Invades The X-Mansion

Melted hole in X-Men Dark Phoenix

After Jean's outburst, the human military steps in. There are several shots in the trailer from various sequences of soliders gearing up to take on the mutant threat, with the most interesting being group stalking through what appears to be the X-Mansion. Could this be another attack on the school, with it once again deemed a threat after it failed to contain immense power? That would explain why the team teleports away so quickly later on.

26. Jean Takes Down A Helicopter

Sophie Turner as Jean Grey and helicopter crash in X-Men Dark Phoenix

The military will definitely follow Jean to Genosha, putting Magneto's peaceful community in danger. Once there, she doesn't hold back, bringing down a helicopter with little more than her mind. Another awesome show of power, this will do nothing to help Charles or Erik's cause. In fact, it's likely this attack that will see Magneto return to the fold in a very bad way.

25. Jean Feels Remorse

Sophie Turner as Jean Grey crying outside in X-Men Dark Phoenix

Jumping back earlier in the film, the Dark Phoenix trailer next shows Jean alone and crying in an alleyway as rain pours and Charles says in voiceover "Rage, pain, it's all coming out at once". The rain is important for placing the scene - we know from the shot of Chastain and her umbrella that it rains after the Red Hook fight, so it likely comes right after then. Jean's obviously not able to control Phoenix yet, and all signs indicate she's actually killed one of the X-Men. This would definitely send her seeking Magneto's help.

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