X-Men: 10 Theories About Dark Phoenix Confirmed To Be True (And 10 We Hope Aren’t)

Captain Marvel Dark Phoenix comparison

With the release of the new Dark Phoenix trailer, everyone is getting seriously excited for the new X-Men movie. There are so many reasons why this is one of the biggest superhero movies to look out for next year. For one, it's the end of an era. The addition of "This Is The End" by The Doors gives us a subtle hint that we're not going to be seeing this characters again - ever. It's also tackling an amazing storyline that was one of the biggest comic book events - Jean Grey's struggle with her alter ego, Dark Phoenix.

Although past X-Men movies have dealt with some pretty massive villains and world-changing events, there's no doubt that Dark Phoenix tops them all. This character and the raw power she unleashes has the potential to wipe out literally everything. If that doesn't make for a great premise, we're not sure what does.

While there's a lot to be excited about, parts of Dark Phoenix aren't exactly convincing. Some fans have some pretty valid concerns about the upcoming movie. Theories and rumors have been popping up all over the place, and some are very interesting. Some of this speculation has actually been proven right, but for the most part, we're going to have to wait and see what happens when this movie hits the theaters. When we finally get to watch this movie, we're hoping that some of the theories we've heard just aren't true.

Here are 10 Theories About Dark Phoenix Confirmed To Be True (And 10 We Hope Aren’t).

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20 Confirmed - Classic X-Men Uniforms

Although it might seem like a minor detail, fans are very concerned about the uniforms in Dark Phoenix. Over the course of the X-Men movies, we've seen all kinds of different styles and types used. In the earliest iterations, there was a heavy use of black leather, while more recent films have started to use the older, more iconic "retro" X-Men uniforms.

Yes, we're talking about the famous "yellow spandex."

Although these suits were mocked in the first movies, fans actually love them, and we cheered on their appearance in recent movies. We weren't sure what the X-Men would be wearing in Dark Phoenix, but now it seems certain that they'll be going retro with black and yellow suits. Yellow and black suits are confirmed in this film, and they're heavily inspired by the actual comic book suits.

19 Hope Not - Jean Grey Destroys The Entire X-Men Franchise

Let's take into account what we know about this movie. Firstly, it will likely be the end of the entire X-Men franchise as we know it. That means that somehow, this entire story has to come to an end - which means this entire world has to come to an end. Secondly, we have an incredibly powerful mutant taking up the lead role, Jean Grey. This mutant's alter-ego, Dark Phoenix, has the power to destroy the entire planet. She could probably even destroy the entire solar system if she wanted to.

We also know that the film revolves around Jean Grey struggling to control her powers. All this points to one particularly disturbing outcome - the film ends with Dark Phoenix destroying literally everything in the entire X-Men universe. Think about it: what better way to wipe the slate clean? We hope it's not true, but Dark Phoenix could wipe out this entire world.

18 Confirmed - Mutants in Space

One of the coolest things about the new Dark Phoenix trailer is that we saw some space exploration. For those keeping count, this is actually the first time we've ever seen the X-Men go into space, and it could be quite a stunning part of the movie.

Those familiar with the comics will also note that Dark Phoenix has a lengthy history with space travel.

It could be during this space voyage that she encounters a form of the Phoenix Force. In the comics, this space voyage was a very extensive one, but in the movies it seems like it's been shortened. This is because the movie obviously has time constraints, and it seems like the trip to space will only be to Earth's orbit - not beyond.

17 Hope Not - Mystique Could Fall

Mystique and Dark Phoenix

Many fans of the X-Men movies consider Mystique to be one of the best characters. Jennifer Lawrence made the role her own, and is once again going to appear as the shape-shifting anti-hero in Dark Phoenix. According to many rumors swirling around, she could be one of the characters that could fall in the next X-Men movie.

There's a lot of evidence for this possibility out there, and we know that a major character probably passes away in Dark Pheonix. 

We've seen some pretty intense scenes from a graveyard in the trailer, and we're just hoping it's not Mystique's funeral.

16 Confirmed - Delayed Release

Although we're all eagerly awaiting this amazing X-Men movie, we're actually going to have to wait even longer than previously expected. The release date has now been pushed back yet again, this time to June 2019. This means that we're going to have to wait almost a full year before we ever get to see the film, and that's definitely not making a lot of X-Men fans happy.

This isn't just a rumor - this is a confirmed fact, and that's what makes it even more disappointing. This hasn't been the first delay, either, and reshoots continue to push the release date back even further. Who knows whether or not this release date is even final.

15 Hope Not - The Final X-Men Movie

While we're still clinging to some last vestiges of hope, it seems almost certain that this will be the last X-Men movie, at least in this franchise. Fox sold the rights to Disney, which means that it's not even guaranteed that we'll get any more X-Men movies in the future. That being said, it seems almost inconceivable that Disney wouldn't cash in on the X-Men franchise, and will probably end up integrating the characters we know and love into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Right now, nothing is written in stone, and the general feeling is that this movie marks the end of an era. Whether there will be a new beginning remains to be seen, as does the nature of that "rebirth."

There's a theory that the Dark Phoenix reshoots were a result of this being the end of the X-Men franchise.

That means new actors, new scripts - everything. It's a rebirth in the truest sense of the word, and if you look at it that way, the name Dark Phoenix fits perfectly.

14 Confirmed - Cyclops and Jean's Love Story

While there's a lot of loose threads to tie as the X-Men franchise comes to an end, Dark Phoenix seems set to pull at our heartstrings. The romance between Jean Grey and Cyclops was always a peripheral love story, but it will take center stage in this epic finale.

Director Simon Kinberg said: "As Jean starts to become more unstable, there are people in the X-Men who don’t think she can be helped and saved, many of whom think the world and others need helping and saving from her. And so Scott is probably the most prominent person who’s holding on to the hope that Jean can be saved." It's clear that this epic love story is central to the Dark Phoenix story.

13 We Hope It's Not True - Magneto Could Fall

Fans are still desperately trying to figure out who passes away in this movie, as it's all but been confirmed that one big character will fall. While rumors are swirling, one particularly convincing theory is that Magneto is the one we're going to be saying goodbye to over the course of this film.

The trailer showed Magneto in seriously bad shape, battered, bruised, and lying in a ditch.

A number of X-Men fans are now convinced that it's his funeral that features so prominently in the trailer so many of us have now seen. Even though Magneto has been a crafty and often despicable villain, we would be sad to see him go.

12 Hope Not - X-Men: The Last Stand 2.0

It's no secret that this movie will attempt the succeed where X-Men: The Last Stand failed. The movie was one of the more disappointing entries in the eyes of many fans, and there is certainly room for improvement. The biggest mistake that this movie made was trying to tackle too much. Too many separate story lines were woven together, and in the end it was a bit of a mess.

Dark Phoenix was again one of the focal points, and even this plot seemed a bit rushed. We sincerely hope that Dark Phoenix does not fall into the same trap when 2019 rolls around. With so much to wrap up in this movie, it could be tempting to rush things.

11 Confirmed - Jessica Chastain's Character Is An Alien

A lot of fans are taking note of the fact that Jessica Chastain has appeared in the trailer, and it's certainly an exciting prospect. That being said, people aren't quite sure what to think of her character. Right now, we don't really know who she is.

The director revealed some interesting information on this subject. As quoted by Comic Book, director Simon Kinberg revealed: "I will say that Jessica’s character is not Mastermind but there are elements of the way Mastermind manipulates Jean that Jessica’s character does employ. For me, as you’ll see, that Jessica’s character has elements of a few different characters from the comics. She is from, let’s say, not our planet, her character."

10 Hope Not - The Skrulls Ruin Everything

A lot of people are talking about Skrulls right now, and we're wondering whether they'll actually make it into the film. For those who don't know, Skrulls are alien creatures who appear in the comic books, and they are linked heavily with Jean Grey and Phoenix's journey. There are those who believe that Jessica Chastain's character could very well be a Skrull, since it has been confirmed that she's of extra-terrestrial origin.

If the Skrulls do appear in Dark Phoenix, they could potentially ruin the film.

Firstly, they could be yet another sub-plot that could be difficult to fit into the movie's story. Secondly, these alien creatures are pretty strange in appearance, and it could take away from the realism of the film.

9 Confirmed - Genosha

For all those keen-eyed X-Men fans out there, it was easy to spot the famous island of Genosha in the trailer. This island nation is famous in the world of X-Men, and it's a place with an extensive backstory. How much of this island we'll get to explore remains to be seen, but we will definitely see parts of it.

Genosha is a place which has seen plenty of war and struggle, although it seems that the Genosha we will see in Dark Phoenix will actually be a haven for mutants - a place where they all feel safe. The island nation could be led by Magneto, or perhaps Professor X.

8 Hope Not - No Wolverine

Although we're still holding on to a last shred of hope, it's been pretty much confirmed that Logan will not appear in the last X-Men movie. This definitely feels a little weird. Although his farewell in Logan was beautifully done, it somehow doesn't seem right that a character so integral to this franchise will be relegated to the sidelines for this one.

It's the last hurrah for the X-Men, and their most iconic character won't even be there.

Still, we're still holding out for at least one brief cameo. We've seen it before in First Class, and we're still not convinced that he won't show up on some post credits scene. Still, he won't actually be in the story, and that's truly sad.

7 Confirmed - Red Lotus

One character we will be introduced to is Red Lotus. This is just one of many new faces we'll be seeing in Dark Phoenix, although a lot of people are truly excited for this superhero to make an appearance. Those who recognize this name from the comics will know that Red Lotus is a skilled martial artist, and has boosted fighting abilities due to his mutant powers. These include increased strength, speed, reflexes, and endurance.

He's been a member of the X-Men before, but it looks like he'll be fighting on the side of Magneto.

As Newsarama notes, the character will be played by Andrew Stehlin, who is known as an amazing stunt performer.

6 Hope Not - Following Apocalypse

We previously mentioned the fact that Dark Phoenix will go down the same path as Last Stand, at least in terms of the general storyline. It's all about how Jean Grey struggles with her true powers, and unleashes something which lies dormant inside of her. Another movie that Dark Phoenix could be very similar to is Apocalypse. This film featured a lot of the same actors, and will probably continue some of the storylines that were established during this film.

Do we really want to see just a sequel to X-Men: Apocalypse?

A lot of fans felt that Apocalypse was a little bit lacking, and seeing just another version of this film would probably be a disappointment. We really hope that this is not the case.

5 Confirmed - Selene

Another new face we'll be seeing in Dark Phoenix is Selene. This is a character well-known to all the X-Men fans out there, and she appeared frequently in the comics. She's often portrayed as being very evil, and her powers reflect that notion. She is what's known as a psychic vampire, and she feeds off other people to feed her own immortality. That's right, this character is extremely old.

It seems like she's part of Magneto's team of mutants, and that could mean tough times for whoever faces off against her. The character will be played by Kota Eberhardt, who has only made one film before.

4 Hope Not - Charles Xavier Becomes The Villain

We never thought we'd see the day where Professor Xavier becomes the villain, but Dark Phoenix might show us what we never expected. Some have speculated that Professor X could actually be a somewhat evil character in the last X-Men film, and it revolves around his treatment of Jean Grey.

Some people actually blame Xavier for restricting Jean Grey.

He kept her metaphorically bottled and imprisoned her alter ego deep within her. These fans say that Xavier's attempts at restraining the Dark Phoenix Force were misguided, and that other methods would have been better for everyone. Because of the treatment of Jean Grey by Xavier, we could see Dark Phoenix seeking revenge against her psychic tormentor. We just hope we're wrong.

3 Confirmed - The Brotherhood Of Mutants

Whatever you want to call them, it seems like Magneto starts his own team of mutants. This was plain to see in the new Dark Phoenix trailer.

Some people call them Magneto's "Acolytes," while others refer to them as the "Brotherhood Of Mutants."

Both groups have appeared in the comics before. Whatever the case, it's clear that Magneto is once again building a team to oppose his old chum Xavier, and this group looks to be quite fearsome. For instance, you have some surprising faces in this group, including what appears to be Storm, Nightcrawler, and even Beast.

2 Hope Not - No Link to MCU

X-Men in the MCU

One thing seems certain - we're going to get more X-Men movies in the future. We might have to wait a few years,but Disney will likely start this story fresh, and it will have the added benefit of being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is quite an interesting thought. If you've ever wanted to see Mystique team up with Black Widow, you might be in luck.

This blending of X-Men and the MCU could come with difficulties. For example, what if Dark Phoenix doesn't do enough to link these two worlds together? It would be nice if the film could leave a blank page so that Disney could continue the story in a way that makes sense, but this might not even be possible.

1 Confirmed - Beast Goes Rogue

In the new Dark Phoenix trailer, one thing is very clear: Beast is not a happy camper. In this movie, Beast truly goes rogue, splitting with Xavier and seemingly joining forces with Magneto. For most of the X-Men franchise, we've seen him as a civilized, friendly mutant. I n this upcoming film, we might finally see him give in to his more primal instincts. It would be awesome to see Beast become the rage machine he has the potential to be, and he might just pretty feral in Dark Phoenix. 

We've already discussed the fact that he seems to join forces with Magneto, but that could be just the beginning.

In the trailer, he is seen getting angry and impatient with Xavier, and that could definitely lead to some interesting scenes.


What's your theory about Dark Phoenix? Let us know in the comments!

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