X-Men: Dark Phoenix Honest Trailer Points Out Plot Hole

The X-Men: Dark Phoenix Honest Trailer has arrived. Released in June, Dark Phoenix capped off Fox's nearly twenty year-long run on the X-Men movies prior to Disney's acquisition of the studio's assets. Unfortunately, it was far from a glorious swan-song to a comic book superhero franchise that has gone from major highs (Logan) to unflattering lows (X-Men Origins: Wolverine), and a fair number of rock-solid efforts in between. Instead, Dark Phoenix received generally negative reviews on its way to becoming the lowest-grossing X-Men film ever, even unadjusted for inflation.

Various factors have been blamed for Dark Phoenix's woes in the months since it opened, ranging from the Fox-Disney deal to release date changes, reshoots, and Fox condensing what was originally a two-movie arc into a single film during pre-production. Whatever happened, it resulted in an X-Men movie that most agree failed to do justice by the Dark Phoenix comic book saga previously adapted to similarly disappointing results in X-Men: The Last Stand. Funnily enough, though, many people probably missed one of the film's smallest, yet most glaring flaws.

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Indeed, Screen Junkies has released an Honest trailer for Dark Phoenix that not only pokes fun at the film's many shortcomings, but also calls attention to a plot hole that seems obvious once someone points it out for you. Check it out, below.

Said plot hole involves Jean Grey (Sophie Turner), who flies away after accidentally killing Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) in battle without a spot of blood on her... only for the scene that follows to show Jean crying in the rain, her t-shirt stained with blood. Obviously, had Dark Phoenix been much stronger as a whole, this might've been dismissed as a funny continuity error and little else. However, knowing that Dark Phoenix was being constantly re-vamped prior to its release, one wonders if this was the result of reshoots for Mystique's pretty underwhelming send-off, or the film's editing process being so hectic that this error managed to fly under the radar (or someone noticed it, but dismissed it as being insignificant compared to the movie's larger issues). It seems like something that could've been corrected fairly quickly by having some blood digitally added to Jean's shirt before she takes off, but this clearly didn't happen.

Sadly, because of the Disney-Fox deal, Dark Phoenix was essentially a lame duck Marvel tentpole long before it reached theaters, and that outlook seemed to ultimately manifest itself in the movie's general sloppiness (this blatant plot hole included). Still, as the Dark Phoenix Honest Trailer points out, it might be better to simply pretend that Fox's X-Men films ended with Logan - as a lot of people already have, if Dark Phoenix's box office turnout is anything to go by - and leave it at that. Even the long-delayed New Mutants spinoff is reportedly dropping all its X-Men references, in the hopes of disassociating itself with the brand and finally seeing the light of day.

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Source: Screen Junkies

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