Dark Phoenix: 10 Character Posters Tease Every Hero Has A Dark Side

X-Men Dark Phoenix Poster Cast

Twentieth Century Fox released 10 character posters for their upcoming X-Men film, Dark Phoenix, with the tagline that every hero has a dark side. This time around, the story pits the X-Men against one of their own, Jean Grey. During a rescue mission in space, Jean is hit by a cosmic force that slowly begins transforming her into the Dark Phoenix. Unlike X-Men: The Last Stand, this film will explore more of the cosmic side of Jean's transition and has been compared to a Hitchcockian psychological thriller by producer Hutch Parker.

Dark Phoenix is set to be the final X-Men film to be distributed by 20th Century Fox following Disney's acquisition of the production company. Many individuals involved with the X-Men's final outing have voiced concern over the deal, claiming that it's only hurting the upcoming Dark Phoenix. Now that Disney owns the rights to the franchise, it can move forward with introducing the superheroes into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even though this is technically where the X-Men belong, it puts the release of Dark Phoenix in an awkward position. Regardless of the situation, cast and crew members are still marching onward with a determination to go out with gusto.

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Fox unveiled 10 new character posters today on their social media accounts for the upcoming superhero film. At the top of each poster is the line, "every hero has a dark side," with the exception of Jessica Chastain's poster, which reads, "every dark side has a hero." The lines give fans a little tease as to what they can expect from the epic final outing for the X-Men. The posters feature Jean Grey, Cyclops, Storm, Xavier, Beast, Magneto, Mystique, Quicksilver, Nightcrawler, and Jessica Chastain's still unnamed villain. Check them out below:

X-Men Dark Phoenix Character Posters Jean Grey
X-Men Dark Phoenix Character Posters Cyclops
X-Men Dark Phoenix Character Posters Storm
X-Men Dark Phoenix Character Posters Professor X
X-Men Dark Phoenix Character Posters Beast
X-Men Dark Phoenix Character Posters Magneto
X-Men Dark Phoenix Character Posters Mystique
X-Men Dark Phoenix Character Posters Quicksilver
X-Men Dark Phoenix Character Posters Nightcrawler
X-Men Dark Phoenix Character Posters Jessica Chastain

Despite the many changes happening between Fox and Disney, the filmmakers still appear excited and ready to make Dark Phoenix as big and bold of a finale as they possibly can. Unlike previous installments, though, Dark Phoenix will not include a post-credits scene. Ultimately, this is a smart decision considering there's nothing to lead into with Disney now having a hold on what was meant to be their next feature, New Mutantsand all future projects.

The Disney-Fox deal has been a rough one to watch unfold, and Fox's superhero properties have easily taken the biggest hit. In some cases, the merger has been beneficial to future projects. Disney was more than happy to share the updated status on their newly acquired Fox properties at this year's CinemaCon, where they brought up a couple bumpy projects that were in need of stability. New Mutants, for example, now has an expected release date this year after being scheduled for multiple reshoots that haven't even been filmed yet. As for Dark Phoenix, the awkward timing of the acquisition has left many of the film's stars questioning if they'll return to their respective roles as part of the MCU. If not, then this film has the perfect opportunity to be an explosive finale for fans and those involved.

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