X-MEN's Cyclops Gets New Suit For Marvel Relaunch

Xmen New Cyclops Blue Costume

The Marvel Universe may change, but the X-Men can always count on their fearless leader, Cyclops. Especially when it comes to fashion advice, since every new costume, suit, and uniform worn by Scott Summers is sure to make history. The same goes for his newest look, revealed by Marvel ahead of the looming game-changing relaunch of their X-Men comics universe.

With Marvel building the hype for Jonathan Hickman's re-imagining, re-thinking, and re-defining event to be told in the parallel House of X and Powers of X miniseries--they have taken special care to reassure fans that both old and new X-Men history is going to be honored. Not quite a reboot, but more than a relaunch, the new age of X-Men is hoping to incorporate all the stories that came before. A theme that may be visible in the new look Cyclops will be sporting once the event kicks off, combining his most divisive super-suit in recent memory, with the classic blues of the X-Men's past. But how will it be received by fans?

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As luck would have it, it's an interesting time to be discussing X-Men uniforms in general. For starters, Cyclops recently returned from the dead in an updated version of his Astonishing X-Men bodysuit and silver visor--leading many fans to hope that his costume swap was going to last. Not long after, an attack on the base of the X-Men's operations meant that only their classic uniforms survived. A good excuse to see Wolverine back into his classic brown costume, and for Cyclops to strap back into the blue tights and yellow trunks of the 1990s, but certainly not a permanent fix.

The question of Cyclops's new uniform has seemingly been settled, thanks to the Marco Checchetto Character Decades variant cover of House of X #1. We'll get into the details of the new design, but for now, take a look for yourselves:

X-Men House of X Cyclops New Costume Cover

The suit will be different levels of surprising (or refreshing) depending on how recently fans enjoyed reading the X-Men's adventures, and Cyclops's in particular. In his most recent Uncanny X-Men redesign, Scott Summers embraced his optic beams and donned a suit of black with red accents, capped off with a large red 'X' visor built into his cowl. As he led the Mutants into a war for their survival against the Inhumans, being a walking flag for Mutants and their X-gene made sense. This new design seems to keep most of that uniform intact, while changing the colors to the X-Men blue of yesterday, and returning his signature metal (exterior-mounted) visor.

The head-covering cowl is sure to be a divisive point, especially with Checchetto's cover highlighting the hair-free versions of the past. Of course, the question of when, why, how, and in what larger story context Scott receives his new uniform will only be solved when House of X #1 arrives. Will it be a direct result of Charles Xavier's wishes, after experiencing the 'most important scene' in Marvel history? Will it come after the possible death of Professor X? Or does Scott just decide he's feeling a little nostalgic?

Fans looking to experience this story get can start by picking up House of X #1 on July 24th from your local comic book store or direct from Marvel Comics, with Powers of X #1 arriving just one week later, on July 31st.

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