X-Men's Cyclops & Colossus Coming To Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 As Free DLC

Marvel Ultimate Alliance Xmen Cyclops Colossus DLC

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 will be getting X-Men's Cyclops and Colossus as free post-launch DLC, according to Marvel during the company's SDCC 2019 games panel. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is one of the most desirable properties in the Marvel Games stable, and the Switch exclusive has been developed by Koei Tecmo's Team Ninja to prioritize exciting combat and gameplay to complement the game's massive roster of heroes.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is also a sequel that's been a long-time coming, as the series first become popular over a decade ago. Since then, iterations in the video game world has made superhero properties significantly more appealing to developers - fans are a long ways away from the days of Superman 64, for instance, and Marvel's properties have begun to establish themselves as must-owns. The PS4's Spider-Man exclusive game that released last year is evidence of just how big these games have become, and Marvel Games will be looking to strike while the iron is hot with a heavily anticipated sequel.

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 won't just stick to the roster it launches with, though, as Marvel Games announced at SDCC today that X-Men's Cyclops and Colossus will be joining the expanding roster of heroes as post-launch DLC on August 30, 2019. Even more appealing to fans who might be on the fence about the title just hours before its launch - they'll be free, making them an exciting new addition that will be available to everyone once they're released.

It's important to note that Marvel Games also stressed that the characters would not be part of the previously mentioned X-Men DLC, which will be its own separate entity and will be composed of different characters. That DLC, then, will still be included in the game's Season Pass, which will focus on three different comic series: Marvel KnightsFantastic Four, and of course, the X-Men. Those packs will include new, exclusive playable characters alongside modes and additional story content for the game. Each expansion is slated to arrive roughly three months after the other, and fans can pick up the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Season Pass for $19.99 USD.

The addition of X-Men's Cyclops and Colossus as free DLC to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is sure to sway some fans in giving the property a chance despite its long time away from the spotlight. After all, the X-Men are still popular figures in pop culture - one needn't look further than Seth Rollins' Extreme Rules attire to see that. It's also a deft marketing move from Marvel Games, which will be able to tantalize fans with some X-Men characters before ultimately revealing other, perhaps more exciting ones as part of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3's game's Season Pass content later down the road.

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Source: Marvel Games/Twitter

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