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We've known for years that Marvel was producing anime series in conjunction with anime studio, Madhouse. The original pitch was for four Marvel anime series, and so far we've gotten looks at both the Iron Man and Wolverine anime series. Today we get a look at the third project form Marvel/Madhouse: X-Men.

The X-Men anime is written by famed English comic book writer/creator Warren Ellis, and borrows story elements from famed Scottish comic book writer Grant Morrison's early 2000s story arch for New X-Men, as well as Joss Whedon's mid-2000s run on Astonishing X-Men.

For those who don't like anime, you'll be pleased to hear that this X-Men anime series (unlike the Wolverine anime) seems to be staying fairly true to the source material. Cyclops, Professor X, Beast, Storm and Wolverine all pretty much look like recognizable versions of themselves - albeit "animeted" - which, if you think about it, isn't too far from what a lot of American superhero cartoons are doing today (see: Wolverine and the X-Men).

Here's the official story for the X-Men anime:

The series, which debuts April 1 on Japan’s Animax television network, is set a year after the death of Jean Grey as the disbanded X-Men are summoned by Charles Xavier to find the abducted Hisako Ichiki (aka Armor) and confront the U-Men, the mutant organ-stealing cult.

Fans of the X-Men books in the 2000s era will remember the U-Men from Morrison's story arch and Hisako Ichiki from Whedon's run. Personally I like that they went with Hisako for this series - her ability (to manifest "pscionic body armor") makes her a Wolverine sidekick whose mutant power is actually formidable (sorry Kitty Pryde and Jubilee). Seeing her in action onscreen should be cool.

Here is the trailer for the X-Men anime series - sorry, it's not in English yet:




Finally, some screenshots and concept art from the series:

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For a full gallery of pics in higher resolution, head over to

The X-Men Anime series will premiere on April 1st over in Japan. If you're hoping to see the Marvel Anime series over here in the U.S., G4 will be premiering them this summer - Iron Man and Wolverine first, with X-Men and Blade coming later. We'll keep you updated.


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