Lucy Lawless Wants A 'Xena: Warrior Princess' Revival [Updated]

Lucy Lawless wants a Xena: Warrior Princess revival

[UPDATE: It looks like Xena: Warrior Princess is coming back after all.]


1990s TV series like The X-Files and Twin Peaks still have sizable (and very loyal) fanbases, which bodes well for their upcoming revival seasons. Similar, while Xena: Warrior Princess ended back in 2001, the show still holds a hugely dedicated fanbase, many of whom long for its return in some form.

One thing everyone seems to be unanimous on though is that there is only one Xena, and that is Lucy Lawless. Lawless played the infamous warrior for the whole of the show’s six year run, alongside Renee O’Connor as her sidekick, Gabrielle.

Though now busy with Ash vs. Evil Dead, Lawless is just as eager to see a Xena return as the fans are, as she told Den of Geek.

“I’ve been pitching that, actually...The fans really do want that, and I’ve met some people who’ve crowdfunded some things, and I’m just like, ‘Why don’t we just do that?’”

Lawless is working on Ash Vs Evil Dead (premiering in October 2015 on Starz), which reunites Bruce Campbell (who reprises as Ash) and Sam Raimi. Campbell played the role of Aytolycus, King of Thieves while Raimi served as executive producer on Xena Warrior Princess, so Lawless is in a perfect position to badger both to take part in a remake - especially if their resurrection of the Evil Dead franchise works out. Lawless also mentioned to Den of Geek that she would love to have O’Connor back onboard, as well as Ted Raimi (Sam Raimi’s brother, who played comedy relief Joxer on Xena).

Lucy Lawless on Agents of SHIELD season 2
Lucy Lawless on 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' (circa 2014)

Crowdfunders have worked well for shows like Veronica Mars and Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk's Con Man, the latter of which passed its goal of $425,000 almost as soon as it was launched, and went on to raise over $3 million before it close in April, 2015. Whether or not crowdfunding would work for Xena, though, is another matter. Similarly, there's the issue of who holds the Xena brand rights. Lawless doesn’t, so if she did want to make a movie or a TV return with the characters she would need to get through a lot of red tape first.

As for the small matter of Xena dying in the series finale, Lawless pays that no heed, merely calling a “technicality” and suggesting they “Screw her head back on.” Certainly the trappings of reality never stopped the show before. It seemed to transcend any boundaries of normality, focusing instead on the magical and mythical world of the Greek gods.

However, even with Lawless’ fervent backing, a Xena revival might never become anything more than a pipe dream. Still, seeing as Lawless has reunited with Raimi and Campbell of late, it's something fun for fans to speculate about - and in an age when a show like Coach is being revived, it's best to never say never.

How about it, readers - are you interested in seeing a Xena: Warrior Princess revival?

Source: Den of Geek

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