Xbox Unveils Diamond Grip Sport White Controller

Xbox Sport White Controller

Microsoft is giving Xbox One users another design for the console's controllers, with a new Sport White special edition controller. Over the years, Xbox One owners have been given a wealth of different controllers, with the devices seen as some of the best on the market.

Indeed, Microsoft has even given gamers the chance to have slightly different - and retro - gameplay experience of late, with the launch of the revamped original Xbox Duke controller. However, accessibility and various gameplay styles have also been given priority, as seen by the accessibility controller as well as the potential for keyboard and mouse support going forward.

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For those who prefer the original Xbox One controller experience, however, this new Sport White design definitely will be one to look out for. The controller was revealed by Xbox in an official post, and showcased a rather impressive new lick of paint, with some silver and mint flourishes.

Xbox Sport White Controller Head On

However, it's not just the new paint job that's to like about the controller. The Sport White edition has a rubberised diamond grip, which will no doubt prove interesting for those that want a more comfortable gaming experience. The controller also allows for custom button mapping, and can be used with Windows 10 PCs and tablets via Bluetooth. The controller will be released on 7 August, and is available to pre-order for $59.99.

It's always good to get further choices when it comes to controllers, although this may not be top of every Xbox One gamer's list of wanted improvements at the moment. Although the news that VR may not come to Xbox One might not be seen as a deal-breaker by players uninterested in virtual reality, Xbox One users might prefer some assurances over new exclusive games and a steady stream of exciting releases for the console.

Thankfully, Microsoft is certainly taking steps in that regard as well. The company has acquired five more studios for first-party development, which will hopefully lead to some high quality titles going forward. Whether that comes in this console generation remains to be seen, but at the very least it means that those who stick with Xbox as a whole can see a bright future ahead. In the meantime, however, hopefully gamers who pick up the new special edition controller will have plenty of worthwhile games to play with it.

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