Xbox Scorpio Will Reportedly Be $500

The price of Microsoft's Xbox Scorpio has leaked online, with gamers expected to have to shell out around $500 for the 4K console.

Xbox Scorpio 4k Chip

Ahead of the big Microsoft E3 event and the expected reveal of the Xbox Project Scorpio, details of how much the next-generation console will cost have made their way online. The race for 4K gaming is on, and Microsoft and Sony are once again expected to go head-to-head.

Although the Scorpio isn't due to arrive until the holiday season, the timing couldn't be better to face-off against Sony and its PS4 Pro. Microsoft has already revealed some pretty impressive specs for the Scorpio and is certainly ahead of the game in preparing for another epic console war - especially considering the lackluster sales of the Xbox One and a gap it never managed to close. More details are expected to come from Microsoft's super-sized E3 presentation, but the pricing has already been revealed.

Games journalist Geoff Keighley has been suggesting Project Scorpio will cost $499, and he's now confidently confirmed that is indeed the case. Microsoft is yet to officially announce the price.

I can now say with confidence Project Scorpio is $499. Unless something changes today, that is what will be announced.

— Geoff Keighley (@geoffkeighley) June 11, 2017

Even though Keighley stated he believes the Scorpio's price is suitable, that hasn't stopped some already calling it out on social media as too expensive. Indeed, $499 pricepoint is sure to bring back some bad memories for the company; when the Xbox One was released, it held a similarly princely sum due to the inclusion of Kinect. It was only after the motion sensor was no longer part of the bundle, and Sony's PS4 obliterated the Xbox One in sales, that Microsoft finally dropped their pricing structure. The Scorpio won't come with any Kinect-esque extras, so the cool $499 is solely for console power itself.

Xbox head Phil Spencer said just weeks ago that he was "confident" games like Destiny 2 and Call of Duty can find themselves a home on the console, while it is also rumored to run a very competitive version of Assasin's Creed Origins. With the Xbox One currently around the $200-$300 mark, PS4s down as low as $250, and the newly-released Nintendo Switch at $300, you have to ask whether it is worth $500 for an upgrade. Although Spencer has promised that the Scorpio won't aim to compete with high-end gaming PCs, you have to assume that its pricing will reflect the sheer power of the machine.

Most of Microsoft's E3 presentation is sure to focus on the Scorpio, including demos, possible games, and what sets it apart from the competition.

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Source: Geoff Keighley

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